A broken DS Lite + Shopping for a 3DS!

Update 2: Just today I bough a beautiful black and red 3DS XL and the Animal Crossing New Leaf game, eep!! I’ll let you know how it all went tomorrow!!

The day has come, where after 7 years (half my life) my first ever Nintendo has broken, and as I am someone who tends to get a little (more like a lot) emotionally attached to things, this was quite sad news. So before I actually move on to the good news, I just wanted to say goodbye to a little machine that brought a hole lot of happiness to a little girl.

So long, DS Lite, you will be missed.



And so we move on to the good news, I will be getting a 3DS! Yaaay, after so much time of being unsure, the fact that I would no longer be able to even play any games of the ones I own (including Animal Crossing) unless I bought one, just made my decision very simple!

Which obviously means Animal Crossing New Leaf! Eeeep! I am truly happy, and once I am able to fully get out of bed (I’m sick) I will rush over with my parents to pick up both things.

But my sick mind has been tumbling over a question, what should I name my town? After a clear fail of naming my original Wild World town when I was 7 years old, usa. I decided I need a little bit of help, would you guys do that for me? So at the end of this post, you’ll have a poll to be able to vote for your favorite names, and even include a name of your own if you’d like 🙂 Here are the options I came up with…

Update: I changed a couple of the names due to the limit of space being 8 characters for a town name, thank you Amy for telling me! 🙂

Lilycott: A combination of two words referencing to one of my favorite book (and movie) series, Harry Potter. Lily Evans, Harry Potter’s mother, and this quote explains why I really liked her: Your mother was there for me at a time when no one else was. Not only was she a singularly gifted witch, she was also an uncommonly kind woman. She had a way of seeing the beauty in others even, and perhaps most especially, when that person couldn’t see it in themselves.—Remus Lupin. And lastly, Shell, which refers to Shell Cottage, the place where Bill and Fleur lived, and most importantly, where Dobby was buried after his tragic death (why, Rowling, why??).

Soirose: Pink evening in french, one of my favorite times of the day, when the sky turns pink as the sun goes down, and I just though it sounded rather nice 😀

MintappleOne of my favorite nailpolish colors is Mint Candy Apple by Essie, and while I was thinking of names I spotted this nailpolish and though that Mintapple was a pretty name, mint being a beautiful mix between: green, a calm color; and blue, the color of the sea. And apple, which can also mean city, just like we mean when we say “The big apple”, referring to New York.   Mintapple is out!! 

So? Which name do you like the most? If you think my creativity is just awful and you’d prefer to make a name up yourself, you can also do that (no harsh feelings, haha)!

I really have absolutely no idea what to look for in my town layout, I guess I’d like an island and a pond next to my house, curvy river and I have no real preference over train station/town hall colors. Aaaand… speaking about layouts, like my blog’s new look? I really hope you do!

Well, I suppose that’s it, thank you for reading and I’ll see you later, alligators!


PS: Oh, wait one more thing! I am aware that the name of my blog is indeed acwwbook, however the fact of including AC:NL posts kind of contradicts its name, but I prefer to keep it as it is, since it’s not only a name anymore, it holds a lot of treasured memories inside 🙂


Happy August! -Giveaway

EDIT Giveaway is now closed, the winner is obviously, Amy!! Since she’s the only one who participated 😆 thank you to everyone for commenting below even though you couldn’t enter. And congratulations, Amy!! Would you mind telling me anytime you’re available so I can deliver your prizes? 🙂 xoxo


Hiiii there! So I’m sorry for not blogging sooner, but tomorrow I’m leaving for a cruise, yeah I just left for vacation recently, came back and now I’m leaving again!!

Crossing Wifi 032


But good news for you, giveaway!! You’ll be winning a throne, 99,999 bells and a random hybrid.

For WW only! Just leave a comment below saying your favorite thing to do in Animal Crossing and what’s your least favorite to do! 🙂 It’s simple heheh, I’m going to try and use random.org like Choco did in her giveaway.

Good luck!! Giveaway ends August 18th.


Photoshoot: Random

Hello!!! So lately my current obsession is taking random pictures of interesting moments/weird things hahah, so I just though I would share a few of them.

By the time this is published I’ll be on vacation, I’m using wordpress’ automatic publisher thingy, that kind of explains the lack of posts lately, sorry!! When I get back; I’ll try to do at the very least 1 a week, but if possible 2 a week 🙂 Thank you for understanding!!

3…2…1… START!!


Is this a glitch of some sort?? There are, no joke, 5 pond skaters in my tiny little pond…


Awww Melba came to my town, she’s so cute!!


I’d say Envy is probably correct (I know, I’m trying to fix that heheh), choosiness as well but not frivolity xD

IMG_4394 IMG_4415

So turns out I was cursed by Katrine (curse you Perry the platypus!!) But at least I got some good shots of me falling down!


Blather’s laughter


Waving hi to Pate!

IMG_4419 IMG_4421

IMG_4422 IMG_4424


Broke?! 😦


Back flip!!


Awww noo!! Poor Melba!


Rocco’s sexy ass 😆 (sorry for bad word, I meant it in a joke)


And last, but not least I was finally able to catch a hammerhead shark!! They say they’re quite aggressive if they’re hungry, but people actually dive down into the ocean to see them. Talk about brave!!


Perfection meets chaos -Chapter 2

Sorry for the short chapter, but I kind of wanted to end it there since chapter 3 is kind of different format of the story? Does that make sense? 😛

Perfection meets chaos. Part 2

As the town hall came into sight I started calming down, everything was going to be alright. It was probably just a big misunderstanding…

I grabbed my dress with both of my hands and pulled it upwards, so it wouldn’t touch the ground, and I started running, but I tripped on a rock and fell into a puddle full of mud.

Disgusting, it was truly disgusting, I was covered in mud, wet and now crying of anger. Hasn’t it ever happened to you? You’re so angry, just pissed off and instead of screaming you cry, in silence you let your tears drop off your face to the ground and slowly stay there for a minute or two, dry your tears off, get up and continue on before anyone realizes. Well that’s what I did.

How ironic, when I woke up this morning, I would have imagined myself crying of happiness because my new dress from Dolce & Gabbana had arrived, or my $2,839 purse, not because, nor could I pay these, but because I was covered in mud ruined and humiliated.

NO, wait I wasn’t humiliated, no one knew, and a last thing a lady looses is her dignity or pride. Up we go, Ariadna, keep your chin high.


So when I arrived there guess who I saw… yeah my day just couldn’t get any worse.

“Jemma! I thought you were designing at the Able Sisters…”

“Yeah, and I thought we could afford to pay our bills”


It was like a steel knife in my chest. You see? Money wasn’t just survival and luxury, it was me. Everything I had ever worked for in life came with this reward, pieces of green bills, that were worth everything, nothing’s free in life. My parents were so proud… All my roommates were too. Who was I now? Who am I still, up to this day? But more on that later… This was how it all started. They say everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end; but this was the end, it was the end of the easy days, and in came the hardest ones: the worst but also the best ones ever.


Thanks for reading! I’ll be going on vacation and I’ll be back blogging in 2 weeks or so, hope you understand!! Happy Summer!


How to… Get rich quick! Step by step

Howdy y’all!! 😛 You need some extra money, in Animal Crossing? Don’t worry! I’ll show you a few very easy methods to win some extra bells! You’ll be rich in no time!!

Disclaimer: These methods are simply some ways to gain money, no codes or cheats are needed. Even with these methods, bells are hard to gain in Animal Crossing, patience is key, and you won’t get rich within the first time you use these 😛

First method: Fleas in the market? IMG_4391[1]

You are going to need…

  1. A net and/or a fishing rod
  2. Empty pockets
  3. And the flea market coming up!! Unless you want to time-travel. In Wild World the flea market occurs the 1st Saturday of every month except for January. (1st Saturday of February, March, April…)

What to do…

  1. Start catching bugs and fishes!!
  2. When your pockets are full of catches, head over to your house and empty the main room (the more space there is, the better)
  3. Place all your bugs/fishes in the room until its full capacity.
  4. Time travel or wait until it’s the Flea Market in your town
  5. Wait inside your house until a “customer” (neighbor) comes in
  6. Once they ask you about a fish or bug, negotiate with them the best price! If they’re interested, they could buy the fish or bug for thousands of bells!!

Second method: You’ve got mail!!

You are going to need…

  1. Paper to write letters (purchase at Nook’s store)
  2. 100 bells or some cheap item.

What to do…

  1. Address a letter to a neighbor in your town, doesn’t matter who.IMG_4443[1]
  2. Write one sentence in your game’s language (English, Spanish, French…) If you’re game’s in English you can take for example what I wrote in the image. 🙂
  3. Write up to four sentences in your game’s language (English, Spanish…) make sure they are real words, the longer the letter, usually, the more value the gift you get in return has. *
  4. Adjust to the letter a present (just drag and let go of the object on top of the letter) it can be a fruit, 100 bells…
  5. Go to the town hall and send it!!
  6. Wait for a reply by the neighbor, the reply will include some item: either an object from their house, a piece of foreign fruit (sell it for 500 bells!) or a random clothing piece.
  7. Sell the item to Tom Nook, and hopefully you’ll have gained some bells!!

* Depending on how long the letter is you’ll get different stuff in return. One sentence will get you fruit or a piece of clothing, two lines will get you a piece of furniture and three or four will either get you furniture, wallpaper or carpet 🙂

The key to this method is getting in return something of more value than the present you sent to them, this way you’ll gain bells when you sell it!!

Third method: ‘Sup bro, you broke?

Okay… excuse that really pathetic name 😆

You are going to need…

  1. Nothing!! 😀 This is the easiest method, but also the less efficient

What to do…

  1. Look around your town, bells and items can be hidden around these places:
      1. Town hall recycling bin
      2. Trees: shake them, but watch out for bees! Bags of 100 bells will fall down, fruits and even furniture!
      3. Underground: you’ll need a shovel to dig in certain spots, you can easily find gyroids and fossils, which sell for quite a lot of bells!!
      4. Rocks: with a shovel, hit a rock! Each day one rock in your town contains thousands of bells in it! Just be quick!!

Project: perfect town!

Hello there!!! Welcome back to my blog 🙂 So I previously left this blog for about a year (see here) and that also meant I left Animal Crossing for about a year. So my town looked ratchet, just terrible! Weeds everywhere, ugly paths, objects thrown around, flowers that were no longer there… It really brought my mood down!

So I’m going to make a small series of posts, showing you how I fix my town! In the tittle it says “Project perfect town!” But getting a perfect town status is extremely hard, so we’ll see if I actually am able to do it 😛

Day 1

IMG_4277 IMG_4279

First thing’s first: pull out these weeds!!

IMG_4283 IMG_4284

Weehee weed free town! But there’s still a looong way to go.

IMG_4285 IMG_4287

Step 2. Remove them objects!!! Seriously, I had a town full of fruits, random patterns and furniture just laying around! Including an ugly Rafflesia, ugh!! Btw, sorry for the really bad lighting in the rafflesia picture, hope you can still see it good enough!

IMG_4289 IMG_4290

With all the fruits laying around Jemma ate a hole lot of them!

IMG_4291 IMG_4292

… but since she can’t eat furniture, I sold it at Nookingtoons. (Yeah, all that was laying around town!

I also saw a beautiful color for my roof! I’ve always loved turquoise, and had actually never had it as my roof color!


Did you realize that in my previous picture everything was sold out? I bought everything because it was the point special day! Yay, I’m finally silver!!

IMG_4294 IMG_4295

Next step was to plant flowers, so I hurried and bought tons of them to create hybrids!! Remember: if you want more chances for a hybrid to appear plant you flowers diagonal to each other. 🙂


Aaaah, what a long day for Jemma! So I put her to bed, she deserves a good night sleep, right?

Day 2

IMG_4316 IMG_4317

Hahah long time no read! Still same old Blathers!! It’s really a shame; I think I’m missing like 3 fossils to complete the collection but I can’t seem to find them!!


Coffee time!!

IMG_4322 IMG_4323

I actually did this on the first day but didn’t get a good shot of them until now, new paths! It’s a daisy path 😛 It’s not incredible, I know. It’s just that I’m pretty darn bad at creating patterns, so it’s the best I could do!! Maybe I’ll do a colorful daisy one and that’ll look better…

  IMG_4326 IMG_4331

Aww, the memories I have in this room!! 😛 And my turquoise roof! Oh my, I actually really do like it!!

IMG_4332 IMG_4333[1]

I flowered any flowers that needed it, and wha-wha-what?? New neighbor? But I had my flowers there… It was full of spaced mama and papa flowers to create baby hybrids!! 😥

IMG_4334[1] IMG_4337[1]

I guess it’s my fault for not choosing my location wisely… Look!! A little baby pink cosmo! Aww, I love it!

No! Those are not weeds over there (Technically they are) it’s a four leaf clover path! I’m going to use lucky clovers to do my smaller paths, you know, to go to neighbor’s houses, the shops…

So that’s it for now! Stay tuned for more posts about this project!! Thank you all so much for accepting me in the blogging community so quickly, I appreciate all your comments!! And I’ve even got a few new followers, thank you!!!


Perfection meets chaos -Chapter 1

Perfection meets chaos. Part 1

It was an early morning, I was woken up by the “singing” (as she calls it) of Jemma’s horrifying bee, Jacob, I think is its name.

I threw the pillow that had fallen down from by bed on top of my ears and tried to fall asleep once again, but it was no use. I looked around, it was deserted, Jemma, Rina and Chris had woken up already and were living their poor lives. You see I was the only one of the house that knew how to dress, makeup, eat and do anything you can imagine with style, the others just did it their own way…

I got up from bed, put on a violet dress with yellow and orange flowers, got my comb and hairspray and started tidying my hair. After that, I walked down, and before having breakfast, went outside to open the mailbox and read the mail, like I had been doing for the past two years.

Always the same routine” I whispered to myself, and grabbed four letters from the mailbox; one was from my mom, so I put it in my pocket to read it while eating breakfast as I always liked to do, a second one was from the H.R.A, usually Rina reads these, so I left it back in the mailbox, the third one was from Nook, the owner of Nookingtoons sending a barbecue to Chris, the same model as that one I hid behind the house fence since Jemma and I had planned to not have to taste his barbecue ever again. And the last one was from the town hall, I was expecting news about how my founds had increased but instead I read this:

 “Due to you having no more money in your bank account, we have cancelled all your credit and debit cards until you invert more money in these.

You owe the bank 29,870 bells for your last spending of money in these shops:

  • Able Sisters
  • Nookingtoons

Sincerely, Pelly, your account manager.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes, I thought it might be a joke from Pelly, but who does that? Besides, Pelly and I are too close for her to joke about these things with me.

I ran inside, grabbed the phone on top of the exotic end table in the main room, called Jemma, who must be helping out right now at the Able Sisters, and waited for an answer, she was the cleverest one of all and I was hoping for some advice.

“Hello? Is that you, Ariadna?”

I didn’t dare to answer, this was so embarrassing.

“Oh, umm… Jemma, Is that you? Oh, I’m so sorry I got confused”

“Okay, I guess. Are you alright?”

“Me? I’m as good as… peppermint! (Dang, what the hell did I just say?) Listen, unlike you, I got a life so I got to get going.”

I kind of regretted saying that, but I was in no mood to fix more mistakes. So I took the next step, going to the town hall.

Running towards the town hall I ran into Rina, tried not to speak to her, and I could tell she didn’t want to speak to me either. But I was too busy to wonder why.

Right as I was about to continue walking my stomach started doing loud noises, I hadn’t eaten breakfast and I was hungry, this forced Rina to start a conversation with me.

“Wow! The greatest, most elegant Ariadna didn’t eat breakfast?”

“Yeah, well I didn’t really have time, but I was planning on going to the Roost”

“So… shouldn’t you be running the other way?” A small accusing laugh escaped from Rina’s mouth.

“… Do you mind? I have stuff to do!”

“You like to laugh at other people but can’t stand it when they’re laughing at you, huh?”

“Shut up!”

I stepped to the right to start walking away again, but Rina also stepped in my way.

“Come on, I like laughing at you, but I still care, what’s wrong?”

“That I saw you outfit and I wanted to vomit”

“Vomit, really? How long did it take you to come up with that one, Ariadna?”

I then stepped to the left and, successfully, walked away.


Not the story: Ugh I kind of hate this format, this looked waaay better as a .docx file in my computer 😦 So maybe I’ll be experimenting with fonts and such in this post, don’t be surprised if tomorrow this post looks any different or such! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy this one!


New features in my blog :)

Hello there!! I’m in a pretty darn good mood today 🙂

Anyhow new features in my blog, heheh. Just thought I’d mention them.

chapter open

Chapter two of my album is now open to everyone, I just though it was a bit ridiculous since I don’t have those many followers, but to those who are following my blog thank you so much! And sorry!

new widgets

New widgets!! The first one is called the milestone in wordpress: it’s basically a countdown to the next event in Wild World, thought that would be helpful, heheh. And the next one is called the monthly poll, well… pretty self explanatory, I ask you a question and you can vote! Each month the question will change, be sure to vote!!


I created a tumblr!!! I must say though, that tumblr is very new to me and I think it’s not as fun as wordpress, although I do like the way you can just reblog a picture and such. For now my tumblr is extremely simple and a little ugly ahahah.

new story

And last but not least (just thought I’d mention this) today I wrote the second part of my story “Perfection meets chaos” The tittle sounds quite dramatic, hahah but remember I’m only a 14 year old, and I live in Spain, so my stories aren’t that great… But I enjoy writing and I had this idea for a story and I think it’s turning out pretty good (remember: i’m 14, Spain). I think I’ll upload the first part tomorrow? Maybe I can write part 3 today as well, so that I’m well ahead and have enough time for everything.

Thank you for reading, see ya tomorrow??

Oh but wait! To all you Nintendo 3DS buyers, do you have the XL one? Is the average 3DS really tiny? And please be patient, because I’ll probably order the 3DS for Christmas, and there’s 6 months to go! But I have a way to at least be 90% sure I’ll get it.

Picture this: me, I’m in a store and I see the ACNL game, OMG!! Let’s buy it! So I purchase it, then I realize, “oh oh, this only works with the 3DS, well that just means I’ll have to buy a Nintendo 3DS!” Huh, what do you think? Hahahah, yeah, pretty lame, but I think it could end up working!

Bye, bye!!


Back blogging? + New Album chapter

Hey there everyone! Wow this feels weird… Anyway I visited my blog again a few days ago and looked at all the private posts I had, I then also looked through my computer folder “ACWWBOOK” and found a hole lot of half done projects/posts that just never got published.

Have you ever watched Ghost Whisperer? You know, where the souls can’t move on because they have some “unfinished business” well it’s kinda what’s happening to me, lol. I’ve finally started summer vacation and I thought it would be nice if I got a little back into blogging, although if I don’t get a 3DS with New Leaf these posts will be absolutely pointless… But I’m a 14 year old girl, and despite how everyone I’ve asked in real life kind of thinks it’s a complete waste of money or just ridiculous/childish, I think it’s fine that I still like Animal Crossing.

Blah, blah, blah stop talking, Jemma!! Fine, okay. I guess what I’m just trying to say is that I want to publish these projects once and for all because I spent quite some time on them, and they were incredibly fun, but I’m tired of them just laying around staring at me… it’s quite disturbing 😛

So less than a minute ago I published a new album chapter. Scroll your mouse over this blog’s page titled “Official Album!” and click “Special Chapter” to view it!! What do you think?

Thank you for never forgetting me despite me not blogging anymore. I love you WordPress Animal Crossing community!!


Goodbye + A few fun stuff!

Hi guys! So it’s been more than a month since I posted and it’s honestly because I haven’t touched Animal Crossing, maybe I’m tired of the game, or I’m more interested in other stuff (like reading), I’ve started school so I’m busier… Anyways, I’m sorry but I won’t force myself to read less and study less to play a game, and I won’t force myself to practice less sports to play a game, I think I have a better “schedule” for doing better in school this year and if it doesn’t include playing Animal Crossing, I’ll go with that.

I want to say that this year and a few months I’ve had blogging have really been great, I want to thank everyone I met (if I could I’d hug you guys so tight!!) and just need everyone to know that you don’t know how much you’ve helped me, just by visiting the blog was a reason to smile, to keep writing in English (remember I’m in Spain so English is hard for me), to keep learning. And I owe even a bigger thank you to all my loyal cyber-friends, I can’t even call you cyber-friends you’re like real friends to me! It was so nice just to be able to think “hey, I have a great friend in the Philippines!”, “maybe since I visit the U.S.A every year or so I could pass by Amy without even noticing it! 🙂 or “I wonder how Teru lives, I’d love to go to Australia”…

Actually, I just realized in barely each post I start with a “hey guys!” without actually knowing everyone’s name. Someone could say that’s just rude, or not worth it, or it’s talking to weird strangers, even talking to yourself! I’ve learned to think about it as blogging, as writing to someone you don’t really know, what you do know about them is that they’re reading this, and making them smile or learn is your job, it’s the job of a blogger :’)

Guess what I really wanted to say was simply thank you. For reading this, for visiting my blog, for following, for commenting, for helping me with blogging… Thanks! And so long my dear friends!

Wait!! Before I go I wanted to share with you some art I created, it’s pretty ridiculous actually, you’re allowed to laugh at it all you want! But hey! I had never touched photoshop before creating these, and why did I create these? For you!! So make fun of them, even of me, all you want. As long as you laugh… (click to see larger)

EDIT: I feel terribly bad for not finishing a few projects I had told you guys about, if you have a blog maybe you can use some of the ideas I had in mind for your own contest/project. Maybe I’ll end up publishing someday absolutely everything I had prepared for the contest, probably not since it wouldn’t really help anyone I guess. But anyway, so those projects (again I’m so, so sorry!! 😦 ) are canceled and free to copy any information I gave about them. Thanks, and I’m sorry 😦

From pretty cheaply edited cover of the Sims 3 game. I got a few other ideas…

Anyway so that is what I created, it’s inspired by a Sims3 cover, the way there’s the logo in the middle and around it images from the game. I really like the idea I had, but as always, I’m not a very good artist, so I couldn’t exactly represent it on paper the way I had it in my mind… Oh well! At least I tried 🙂

And now, it is officially the goodbye! I’ll maybe do a post who knows when, but for now I am saying goodbye.

Again thanks for everything and… AGH!! It’s just this is actually very hard to do, I think it would’ve been easier to just leave without a goodbye, but I owed you guys this, I owed this blog an end. But come on! I just can’t say goodbye for the last time 😦

Okay, wish you all the best… and bye, bye everyone!

And now a bye that’s for someone (actually something) I also owe a lot, my sweet blog! You’ve helped me practice my writing, my English. You’ve made me experience sooo much. Thanks blog, you and me; we’re a good team!

And now one last one for all of you guys 😛 Bye!! And may the odds be ever in your favor!