Lilycott diaries: Perfect town status and updates!

Hi folks!! How are y’all doing? It´s been sooo long since I´ve writen here, and everytime I play New Leaf and accomplish something I feel like I have to share it with the world haha. So today that´s exactly what I´m doing 🙂

This post might be a little all over the place, and I definitely won´t be able to share with you everything that´s been happening in Lilycott since my last post, but I´ll try and cover the most important things. Hope you all enjoy!!


So I´m not exactly sure where to, um, start. In my last post (almost two years ago, yikes!) I included some pictures about my Halloween, so I figured the New Year was a good place to start! Happy 2015 lol


I think this had honestly been my first active winter in New Leaf, and I loved everything about it!!


Although it´s not my favorite season based on how Lilycott looks, (I think my town looks best in bright spring colors :p ) I just couldn´t get enough of these auroras.

PS: Finally decided to start dressing my characters accordingly, it took me years but I think I´ve finally learned that winter means your character looks 10 times cuter with a beanie on.


I even celebrated Christmas for the first time in the series!


I also loved winter because it was such a productive season for me, I pretty much finished all PWPs I wanted for my town!


Which means I also got to sneak into Resetti´s secret lair 😉


And was able to get perfect town status!! WOHOOO


Shortly after winter my birthday arrives, and the celebration my neighbors had prepared for me was beyond cute!!


Okay I lied about the PWPs thing, but this well was (kind of) the last one!


Hehe, look at all of us just fishing!!


GUYS it´s a double rainbow… HOW?


Sigh, this is one of the last pictures I took with Kitty, my adorable cat neighbor who´s been with me since Wild World 😦 She moved away during one of my inactive months, and she was in a perfect spot in my town.

Anyway, I´ve been trying to get certain neighbors to move out for weeks because they´re right in the middle of my path. Once I figure out the whole house placement thingy I´ll definitely post a dream about my town and let you all know whenever I do 🙂


You didn´t think I could resist taking a picture of a black bunny just casually sleeping on a town bench, did you?


And this is honestly the last kinda important thing that´s worth mentioning, I completed my hybrid rose garden/parc thing, yay!!


And to end this post, I found this adorable picture of a tomboy-ish Jemma serving coffee :p


That´s it guys!! Hope you liked hearing from me again, heheh. If you really are interested in more regular updates about Lilycott, I´ve recently started updating my miiverse account whenever something cool is happening lol. Also, if anyone is up for visiting my town or opening their gates sometime, let me know so we can try and arrange something, I´ve been playing way too much (all by my self, snif snif) and I can´t wait to “see” some of you again!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have an amazing day 🙂 xx



6 thoughts on “Lilycott diaries: Perfect town status and updates!

  1. This was such a nice surprise in my reader x3 It’s great to see another post from you, Jemma, and about Lilycott! Which has grown so much! I love the new public works and flowery areas (especially that diagonal rainbow garden), and seeing snapshots of your town during New Leaf’s ever-fun seasonal events and ever-beautiful changing scenery and skies 🙂 I hope we can get to WiFi again sometime! By the way, have you downloaded the new update for New Leaf from the eshop?

    • I’m so happy to hear from you!! Thank you so much for the sweet comment, Amy, I’m glad you enjoyed reading the post 😀
      I’d love to WiFi sometime soon, “seeing” all of you and your towns would be wonderful. And yes, I downloaded it as soon as I heard from it, I LOVE IT! I was quite lucky about the campground placement and love the new features they added to the game. I’m really looking into buying an Amiibo reader/writer to explore that aspect of the game, and so far I’ve been lucky enough to get a Nintendo 3DS in my fortune cookies but I’m still waiting for that WiiU hahaha (can’t wait to play Island Escape, eeep!).

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