First month (and a couple days) in Lilycott

So…  I forgot my own town’s 1 month anniversary, actually I’m not even sure if that’s a thing, but anyways (… I never know how to start out my posts) let me update you on what’s been going on! Currently (June 9th) it’s my 44th day in Lilycott, but these pictures aren’t the latest ones I have, so I’m telling you what happened until about a week before… does that make sense? Hahah, I had to cut the post if I didn’t want it to be extremely long. So anyways, enjoy!

One other quick thing, so I’m going to quickly run through a couple pictures that are preeeetty old, just to show you what happened on those days, and then I’ll move onto more recent happenings.


My store remodeled to Super T&T (this was the last day it was open, from T&T Mart)


Cyrus decided to finally wake up, I don’t think I’ll use his service too much, but it’s nice to not hear snoring at the back of the shop 😛


And Shampoodle opened!! In this game it’s right above the Able Sisters, and it adds such a nice spring feeling to the main street with it’s color being mint green.


I was a bit scared to get a new look as a mayor just yet, so Luna went in as an experiment, hahah. I think the look she got actually fits her personality well, I’m loving the color!

And onto recent updates…


I think I understand now how these DLC come from, it’s one for each Zodiac Sign!


The Fishing Tourney was on, and it was my first one in New Leaf! It was harder than I thought, actually.


Still, I managed to get 2nd place, yay! And what’s best: Dizzy and Hamlet were the other winners!


I have to admit I’ve been reeeeeeeeally slow growing hybrids, they just don’t spawn too much, this was one of the luckiest days I’ve had, and there’s still only two, I don’t like the idea that you have to water every single flower if you want new ones to spawn, at least before you only needed to water wilted ones.


Yaaaay! Super T&T opened, I love the supermarket-ish feeling it has, I missed it!


I then changed Ariadna’s hairstyle to my “signature look” (not really, I just always wear ponytails)

HNI_0053 HNI_0055

I’ve also been experimenting with patterns quite a lot, on the left image I was trying to match the ground as close as I could (using a spaced brick pattern from Amy) it ended in me giving up, since I just didn’t have enough pattern slots in the first place to add a hole new path (given this design needed actually needs 12 slots). It’s a shame, I love the pastel blue bricks!


… Gaaarrgg uioafaghj I can’t imagine myself holding that in real life!


A picture of Kappn’s wise quotes 😛


I forget what I was trying to show you guys here, I think I was just happy with how my path looks in bright sunlight!




Aww, cute! Graham asked me to bury a time capsule, I’m not sure what happens next, after you bury it, but I was happy to do so!


There’s still a loooong way to go to actually pay it off completely, though 😦


I payed off the museum renovation!


And the next day, my house looked crooked, hahaha.

HNI_0068 HNI_0069

I was sure excited for this! The second floor will be great to host WiFi parties and such! ^^

HNI_0074 HNI_0075

I really enjoy gaining new emotions day by day! My pictures were getting a bit boring without my character doing anything in them 😛


Aww, Muffy moved away! I felt bad, I really liked her!


I’m slowly trying to raise my account balance at a million, but with everything I have to pay off, by now it’s back at 500K



HNI_0087 HNI_0088 HNI_0089 HNI_0091 HNI_0092 HNI_0093 HNI_0094

I “discovered” something really cool: when you show an emotion in front of a villager, they also do! I went a bit overboard with the pictures, though. 😛


Yes, yes and yes!! Haha I actually don’t think I’ll ever place a police station in town, but this was my first ever Public Works Project request!


And right afterwords Isabelle told me about a Dream Suite, yay!



By this point, I still didn’t have a wetsuit, something crucial enough if you want to gain more PWP requests, so here I am trying to gain medals…




HNI_0015 HNI_0019

Pascal came by, it was a bit disturbing to be honest… 😛


And so did Pete! I kinda miss shooting him out of the sky, hahaha.


*Sorry, you’ll be seeing me in a wetsuit in plenty of images*


I started planting blue pansies all over my tiny island, it’s become one of my favorite spots in town, since you can only access it by swimming (also one of the reasons I really wanted a wetsuit)


He’s beginning to sound like Katrina…


Aww, and thanks to Graham I now have pears in my town!


*Splash* 😀


I planted palm trees all over the beach, one of them didn’t grow 😦


Yay!! It’s Hamlet’s birthday!!

HNI_0041 HNI_0042

Winnie was also there, and it was cutely decorated!


I also made Luna go to his party, since he’s one of my favorite neighbors!


More pattern experiments, this time around the tree. This was supposed to be water behind a class of some sort, I thought it wasn’t that bad at first, but after days went by I ended up hating it 😛 So by now it’s removed.


The sign was easier to blend in the stone pavement than I thought 🙂


Jemma’s first emotion ^^


So I finally set up the 3 square wide main path, which mainly goes from the train station to main street and the town hall.

HNI_0053 HNI_0057

K.K Slider came to visit! ^.^


And I admired another evening in Lilycott

HNI_0062 HNI_0067

And Saharah came to visit with a very elevated price… what happened to me helping her in exchange for an exclusive wallpaper/flooring? 😦


Ufff… Roscoe’s home was so close to ruining my path, although it’s not an ideal spot either…


Matching umbrellas ^-^


You don’t say?


Aww, look how pretty purple roses are!


On the first of June, fireflies were in the air! 😀


And mosquitoes too…








For some reason I’m able to catch all the sharks I see on the island and never have caught a single one back in town 😛


I kinda disliked the way the three-wide path looked so huge when in comparison to the 2 square one, so I added this blue rose pattern to see if it could reduce the visual difference in size. (I later switched the blue roses for pink ones, so they would stand out more against the green grass)

HNI_0090 HNI_0091


Woohoo, another project I probably won’t use in my town, but who knows, it could look good in my magical forest zone in town.


Okay, this is sort of random, but at nighttime instead of a yellow bird you get an own on top of the Bulletin Board.

HNI_0096 HNI_0097


Whew, one room less to pay off!


And I shall end this post with a picture of me dreaming… 🙂


6 thoughts on “First month (and a couple days) in Lilycott

  1. Oooh I really like your pattern experiments, Jemma! From the pastel bricks to the welcome sign (blends in so perfectly with the stone pavement, wow!), to the really cute and creative way you added interest to your 3-space wide paths! Awesome! Btw, I’ve also seen people who plant bushes in the middle of their 3-space wide paths, or put streetlights in the middle. 🙂 Your pastel tile path does look so bright and pretty in the sunlight, surrounded by colorful flowers, I love the look of that ^_^ There’s always lots of new stuff to congratulate you on in every post, your town progress is coming along great! Congratulations on the dream suite, first PWP request, museum renovation, and more :mrgreen:

    • Aww thank you so much, Amy! I’m glad you like my pattern experiments 😛 Ooh and bushes or streetlights sound like a good idea to go in the middle of a 3 space wide path, I might do that when I get tired of having roses there, or at the change of season!
      Thanks for noticing the progress! I have been reading quite a few of what you published when you first started Citàlune, and also beginning posts about other towns to help me make decisions on more or less what I should do next, it’s a little bit overwhelming at first, I have to admit I’m kinda scared of screwing up someway, (there’s no actual way to fail the game, but I mean having to re-do all my paths, demolishing PWPs and such).
      I also wanted to ask you, if you don’t mind, is there any actual way of keeping Dandelion puffs from dying? I had a couple accumulated in this spot of town I wanted to decorate with them, and today I logged on and they all disappeared! The Dandelions are still there, though, but my initial plan was to have that area covered in puffs…
      Thank you!! (again… I should start saying something like “I share much appreciation towards your comment” :mrgreen: )

      • Yeah, they’re great! And I do love the roses in the middle of the three-space wide path, they look wonderful! But I thought I’d link you to the examples I mentioned: bushes in the middle of a path, lamps in the middle of a path (just in case you wanted to see what they look like!)

        Aww, I’m touched you’ve read a bit about the beginnings of Citalune, thank you! 🙂 And glad those posts could be helpful! I was also very worried early on about permanent mistakes I could make, like placing my mayor’s house or permanent PWPs in places I would regret later. I’m glad that my mayor’s house location has worked out pretty well (one of my favorite spots in town!), and I actually didn’t end up building the cafe, campsite, etc. in Citalune, due to being perhaps overly strict with my fairytale theme 😛 Anyway, I do think it’s a good idea to be prudent and choose carefully with such things! 🙂 But at the same time, if you really want to build those permanent PWPs in your town, you shouldn’t let the fear of them being permanent keep you from ever building them.

        Nope, there isn’t really! 😦 The only way to keep them safe is to pick them up or keep them in storage. For example, you could store them until you need them for a dream update. Or you could pick them up at the end of each day after done playing AC:NL, and then replant them the next day, and then pick them up when you’re done playing that day, and so on, making them last forever. But that seems like a bit of a hassle. Btw I think if you blow the dandelion puffs, one or two more should spawn in the place that you blew them the next day. So maybe if you think they’re close to dying (how long do they last, anyway? idk 😕 ), you could blow them?

        • Thank you so much for linking me examples!! It’s a great way to kinda spice everything up, the pictures look beautiful!

          Yes!! Seeing how a lot of towns started is so helpful, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt this way in the beginning. I think I’ve found a nice spot for the café, I just need a neighbor to move out 😛

          Aww, bummer! I think they look very magical-ish, I think I’ll keep a couple in storage and place them whenever I have guests or, like you said, do a dream update… Thank you for replying!

  2. Wow, congratulations on all progress you made in this post, completing public works, paying off loans, unlocking requests and doing stuff that took me much longer to do in my town, like meeting Pascal! I also really like your new pattern ideas and the solution of breaking up the three-square path with flower tiles, and that Welcome design blending into the station plaza is really cool!

    And of course there was a lot more progress I saw when I got to visit your town, like your lovely “secret garden” and all the new flowers you’ve bred since this post 😀 Btw, at least the great thing about watering in NL (especially under the Beautiful Town ordinance) is that once you have a lot of flowers around town you can water selectively to increase the chances of certain flowers breeding, instead of all of them ^^

    • Thank you so much, Teru! I really wasn’t expecting to meet Pascal, I was just trying to kill boredom while waiting in the water so that villagers wouldn’t see me and then request PWPs 😛
      The Welcome pattern is now blended into my main path, as you probably saw when you came to visit, thank you for the wonderful Wifi, btw! 😀

      I’m so glad you like my “secret garden”, and oh! I never actually thought of watering only certain flowers to produce a certain hybrid! Silly me! I think that will be very useful, and it’s definitely a pro in the game’s new way of producing hybrids! ^.^

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