Happy August! -Giveaway

EDIT Giveaway is now closed, the winner is obviously, Amy!! Since she’s the only one who participated πŸ˜† thank you to everyone for commenting below even though you couldn’t enter. And congratulations, Amy!! Would you mind telling me anytime you’re available so I can deliver your prizes? πŸ™‚ xoxo


Hiiii there! So I’m sorry for not blogging sooner, but tomorrow I’m leaving for a cruise, yeah I just left for vacation recently, came back and now I’m leaving again!!

Crossing Wifi 032


But good news for you, giveaway!! You’ll be winning a throne, 99,999 bells and a random hybrid.

For WW only! Just leave a comment below saying your favorite thing to do in Animal Crossing and what’s your least favorite to do! πŸ™‚ It’s simple heheh, I’m going to try and use random.org like Choco did in her giveaway.

Good luck!! Giveaway ends August 18th.


38 thoughts on “Happy August! -Giveaway

      • Yeah, along with my DSi… I only have Animal Crossing New Leaf to satisfy my AC needs. xP

        I still wish i have AC:WW though.. but it’ll be harder to take care of two towns.. πŸ˜›

  1. Reblogged this on My AC Journal and commented:
    My friend Jemma just hosted a giveaway. πŸ˜€ I’d love to participate but sadly, i don’t have my Wild World gamecard anymore so the only thing i could do now is nothing but publicizing this. πŸ˜€ Prizes would be 99 k bells, a throne and a hybrid of your choice! Sounds awesome, right? Come and join!

    Note: Please remember that this giveaway is only for wild world… I know that since the release of New Leaf, Wild World & City Folk players are kinda getting lower, specially in WW… but it’s time to fire our little AC:WW game up a bit! Come on guys, let’s do this together! :mrgreen:

  2. Sounds awesome! I’d like to enter πŸ˜€

    – My favorite thing to do in Animal Crossing is to imagine a certain vision for a town, and over time, gradually try to landscape it to match my vision (in Dafdilly I was going for a cutesy, colorful, flowery paradise, and in Citalune I’m aiming for an elegant fantasy city). This involves pattern-making (specifically paths rather than clothes), tree-planting, hybrid-growing, garden-arranging, and house decorating.

    – My least favorite thing to do in Animal Crossing is anything that feels like a chore to do, like grinding for bells, watering flowers, de-weeding, spamming letters to my neighbors to try to get their picture (so I don’t mess with that anymore), looking all over town for fossils I can’t find, etc.

    • Wow, Amy great comment!! You explained it so well I’d like to give you the prize right now, hahah. I agree with not liking to do anything that feels like a chore, and your favorite thing to do is so poetic hahahah.
      Thank you for entering!

      • Yay, awesome! Thanks Jemma! πŸ˜€ Maybe we can figure something out this weekend? I used to have our time zone difference memorized, but I’ve forgotten so I’m not sure what the best times for both of us are. It’ll be great to WiFi with you again in Wild World, though, I look forward to it! πŸ™‚

        • Hmmm you’re in the U.S so if you’re in the West coast it’s about 6h difference. My timezone is CET (GMT + 2:00).
          I am leaving for a short trip a few days, so I’m not completely sure if this weekend will be okay, but I will ask my parents πŸ™‚
          So exicteeed!! πŸ˜€

          • I’m actually on the East coast, my timezone is always the same as New York city’s. (So you can always just google “current time in New York” to find it out.) Here’s a page with my time zone, including a running clock. Hmm, and looking at this clock you provided on your town’s information page, maybe you’re 6 hours ahead of me? (Not good at this stuff :P)

            I just remembered today that I’m visiting family this weekend, so I’ll be taking a short trip as well, what a coincidence! If it doesn’t work out this weekend, that’s fine, a later time would be fine as well ^_^
            I’m excited too, I think it’s been over a year since we last WiFied πŸ˜€

            • Oh my, I’m soooo dumb, I meant East coast is 6h behind, I have that memorized because it’s where part of my family is. Hahahah you are 6h behind me, I think that’s for sure πŸ™‚
              Would Friday 30th be okay for you? And I knoooow! It’s been soooo long ^.^

              • Ooh okay! Yeah, the 6 hour difference is coming back to me now πŸ™‚
                Sure, as far as I know now, that day is fine for me! Hope it works out okay πŸ˜€

              • I’m sorry I couldn’t make it, my internet was actually not working all day yesterday! >_< I hope I didn't cause you much inconvenience. 😦 But I hope we can arrange a WiFi for a different time!

                • Oh don’t worry, Amy!! I’m sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner I was grounded without computer for a couple weeks!!
                  Maybe tomorrow could work? (September 11th) Pretty much anytime is okay for me tomorrow πŸ™‚

                • Sure, I think that sounds good to me! πŸ™‚ I can do it in the afternoon my time, what works for you (with our 6 hr time difference in mind)?

                • Let’s see at 8pm my time would be 2pm your time.
                  Would that be okay? Anything before 9pm is fine by me, maybe 8:45pm, my time? πŸ™‚

                • I could, but I’m kind of embarrassed of how it looks haha could you open? If it’s not okay for any reason I can surely open gates πŸ™‚

                • I am so sooorry!! My friend just showed up at my door at about 7:30 and she needed some help, I’m so sorry. It’s 10:14pm here, I’ll check to see if you’re open.

                • Ohh okay, don’t worry about it! πŸ™‚ Stuff happens, and I know I might’ve kept you waiting a few weeks ago when we had a WiFi appointment and my internet wasn’t working. :/ But I’m glad it worked out today! Thanks so much for the giveaway prizes, and for coming over to visit! It was nice to WiFi with you again, and to WiFi again in AC:WW in general (it’s been a while for me). After playing New Leaf so much, my chara in Wild World seems so tiny xD

  3. Hmm… My favorite thing HAS to be having a double rainbow in your town the same time on your birthday while having a MASSIVE wifi party πŸ˜€

    My least favorite thing has to be
    Wifing with my friend pheobe.. She is so rude.

    • Hello, Jess!!! Pleasure seeing you around here!!! OMG double rainbow + birthday + wifi party?? Seems like quite the day!! Sounds like so much fun, I think that would definitely be in my top 3 favorite things to do πŸ˜€
      Awww sorry to hear that Pheobe is rude, just stay friendly and don’t let her lower your mood!! Maybe a little present to rub in her face that you’re so incredibly nice? πŸ˜‰

      Hahaha, anyway thank you for your comment, but the contest is over, maybe we could still organize a meeting someday?

      • Yes! ..Lol like that will ever happen though.
        Yeah, its tempting not to, but im nice.
        About that, sorry, i do not play AC:WW or AC:CF anymore. I currently play new leaf.

            • Hahahhahahha the hardest ones for me are black (purpleish) roses, but it’s ironic because my first hybrid was a black rose… hahahha
              Pink cosmos I think are the easiest, wonder why.

              • yeah.. In ac:ww i found orange roses and pink roses were the easiest to spawn in my town.
                What i mean by blue roses, in AC:NL its a LOT harder to breed, follow this guide:
                Step 1:
                Use one of the following combinations to create “Hybrid Red Roses”, or Red Roses that have an Orange and/or Purple parent.
                Hybrid Red Rose = Orange and White Rose
                Hybrid Red Rose = Orange and Purple Rose
                Hybrid Red Rose = Red and Purple Rose
                Step 2:
                Create Blue Roses with one of the following combinations:
                Hybrid Red Rose and Hybrid Red Rose
                Orange Rose and Hybrid Red Rose
                Blue and Blue Rose (Best combination)

                So, its hard to spawn purple roses and all that, but in new leaf you also get fertilizer, which you bury and it makes hybriding more of a chance.

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  5. Hey Jemma! A few years back I was involved in a HUGE animal crossing community and I’m making an attempt to form it back up. I have WW and CF but currently no active friendcode. It’s great to see some people are still playing!

    • Hello!! Oh that sounds lovely! Sadly I’m kinda absent right now, I still come back every now and then to see how everyone’s doing. It’s been a while since I’ve played, but Amy and Choco were too of my best friends and I adore their blogs, I think you will too!
      Best of luck, Jemma

      PS. You speak French? I’m learning it!! Je suis trΓ¨s satisfait pour tu parles franΓ§ais et je sais un peut! Hehehehe how was that?

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