Photoshoot: Random

Hello!!! So lately my current obsession is taking random pictures of interesting moments/weird things hahah, so I just though I would share a few of them.

By the time this is published I’ll be on vacation, I’m using wordpress’ automatic publisher thingy, that kind of explains the lack of posts lately, sorry!! When I get back; I’ll try to do at the very least 1 a week, but if possible 2 a week 🙂 Thank you for understanding!!

3…2…1… START!!


Is this a glitch of some sort?? There are, no joke, 5 pond skaters in my tiny little pond…


Awww Melba came to my town, she’s so cute!!


I’d say Envy is probably correct (I know, I’m trying to fix that heheh), choosiness as well but not frivolity xD

IMG_4394 IMG_4415

So turns out I was cursed by Katrine (curse you Perry the platypus!!) But at least I got some good shots of me falling down!


Blather’s laughter


Waving hi to Pate!

IMG_4419 IMG_4421

IMG_4422 IMG_4424


Broke?! 😦


Back flip!!


Awww noo!! Poor Melba!


Rocco’s sexy ass 😆 (sorry for bad word, I meant it in a joke)


And last, but not least I was finally able to catch a hammerhead shark!! They say they’re quite aggressive if they’re hungry, but people actually dive down into the ocean to see them. Talk about brave!!


6 thoughts on “Photoshoot: Random

  1. FIVE pondskaters? 😯 Definitely a freak of nature xP
    I miss the old Blathers, with the cute, big head. In New Leaf it’s like they shrunk his head but kept his face the same size >_<
    Nice pictures of the emotions, and falling down too! 😀 You must have three hands or something.
    Congratulations on your hammerhead! :mrgreen:
    Hope you have/had a fun vacation!

    • Hahahah, really? Awww I really like Blathers oversized head…
      Thank you!! Hahah actually since I was falling down so often it wasn’t hard to get a few good ones, but I took like 10 bad ones, hahah.
      Hope you’ve had/are having a great vacation too!! Mine still goes until early September 😀

  2. Aww yay, Melba! She’s my favorite, she just moved into my New Leaf town recently too ^_^
    This was a cute little photoshoot, I enjoyed seeing more from usa 😀 I agree with Teru, you were quick to get some of these shots!

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