New features in my blog :)

Hello there!! I’m in a pretty darn good mood today πŸ™‚

Anyhow new features in my blog, heheh. Just thought I’d mention them.

chapter open

Chapter two of my album is now open to everyone, I just though it was a bit ridiculous since I don’t have those many followers, but to those who are following my blog thank you so much! And sorry!

new widgets

New widgets!! The first one is called the milestone in wordpress: it’s basically a countdown to the next event in Wild World, thought that would be helpful, heheh. And the next one is called the monthly poll, well… pretty self explanatory, I ask you a question and you can vote! Each month the question will change, be sure to vote!!


I created a tumblr!!! I must say though, that tumblr is very new to me and I think it’s not as fun as wordpress, although I do like the way you can just reblog a picture and such. For now my tumblr is extremely simple and a little ugly ahahah.

new story

And last but not least (just thought I’d mention this) today I wrote the second part of my story “Perfection meets chaos” The tittle sounds quite dramatic, hahah but remember I’m only a 14 year old, and I live in Spain, so my stories aren’t that great… But I enjoy writing and I had this idea for a story and I think it’s turning out pretty good (remember: i’m 14, Spain). I think I’ll upload the first part tomorrow? Maybe I can write part 3 today as well, so that I’m well ahead and have enough time for everything.

Thank you for reading, see ya tomorrow??

Oh but wait! To all you Nintendo 3DS buyers, do you have the XL one? Is the average 3DS really tiny? And please be patient, because I’ll probably order the 3DS for Christmas, and there’s 6 months to go! But I have a way to at least be 90% sure I’ll get it.

Picture this: me, I’m in a store and I see the ACNL game, OMG!! Let’s buy it! So I purchase it, then I realize, “oh oh, this only works with the 3DS, well that just means I’ll have to buy a Nintendo 3DS!”Β Huh, what do you think? Hahahah, yeah, pretty lame, but I think it could end up working!

Bye, bye!!


6 thoughts on “New features in my blog :)

  1. It’s so great to see you popping up in my Reader again ^_^

    I have a 3DS and a 3DSXL. The 3DS feels about the same size as the DSi, though ofc the top screen is wider. Even though it’s about the size of a DSi though, a lot of people forget that the 3d effect gives the illusion of a bigger screen, so it does not feel as small as the DSi. I would say that the 3DS is ‘normal’/the standard, not tiny. The XL screens are ofc much larger so it’s easier on the eyes, but that also means the image is not as sharp as the 3DS’.

    In terms of Animal Crossing, the XL’s large screen looks great (but I have not tried it on the 3DS yet), and I’ve been making patterns at the Ables’ and I think the larger touch screen has helped (especially as you can’t use button controls for that anymore). On the other hand, ACNL’s menus/inventory functions (like selling items) are more touch-oriented than before, and doing all that work on a larger screen can be more tiring.

    That’s all I can think of at the moment. It’s best if you could go to a store that has samples out to try, since it’s a matter of personal preference.

    Wow, did you really buy ACNL? That’s both funny and awesome xD I’m really looking forward to when we can play together! :mrgreen:

    • Oh I bet the process of creating patterns is a bit easier with a bigger screen!! Thank you for comparing the two screens for me!! πŸ˜€ I should go personally at some store, and I hear that in August the price is going down a tiny little bit, so maybe I’ll even decide to pick it up this summer!!
      Hahah no, I still don’t have the ACNL game, but I plan on getting it before I get the actual Nintendo 3DS so my parents like the idea of me getting a new console a little more, ahahhah. πŸ˜›

  2. Hey Jemma, nice new features to your blog! πŸ™‚ Followed you on Tumblr, it looks nice so far! I’ve been a bit more inactive on Tumblr lately than I would like… it’s busy enough having one AC blog on WordPress, I guess.

    I have the Animal Crossing-themed 3DS XL. Before, I had a regular black 3DS. I found the black color of my old 3DS oppressive after a while, and I prefer the larger screens of the XL, so I took advantage of the AC 3DS XL coming out to upgrade. I love it! πŸ™‚ The regular 3DS’s screens do seem tiny to me now, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of what you’re used to. Ahhh, it’s really exciting that you might get AC:NL eventually, I look forward to possibly playing together! :mrgreen:

    • Thanks, Amy!! Yeah I think I’m busy enough with wordpress as well, but I really like just looking through my dashboard in Tumblr and seeing ACNL pictures and rebloging the ones I love the most πŸ™‚
      I was thinking of picking the themed 3DS up, it looks so cute! And you get quite a deal, since it comes with the game installed!
      Yes, yes, yeees!! We should to a super party when I get the game: you, Kammile, Teru and I :mrgreen:

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