Back blogging? + New Album chapter

Hey there everyone! Wow this feels weird… Anyway I visited my blog again a few days ago and looked at all the private posts I had, I then also looked through my computer folder “ACWWBOOK” and found a hole lot of half done projects/posts that just never got published.

Have you ever watched Ghost Whisperer? You know, where the souls can’t move on because they have some “unfinished business” well it’s kinda what’s happening to me, lol. I’ve finally started summer vacation and I thought it would be nice if I got a little back into blogging, although if I don’t get a 3DS with New Leaf these posts will be absolutely pointless… But I’m a 14 year old girl, and despite how everyone I’ve asked in real life kind of thinks it’s a complete waste of money or just ridiculous/childish, I think it’s fine that I still like Animal Crossing.

Blah, blah, blah stop talking, Jemma!! Fine, okay. I guess what I’m just trying to say is that I want to publish these projects once and for all because I spent quite some time on them, and they were incredibly fun, but I’m tired of them just laying around staring at me… it’s quite disturbing 😛

So less than a minute ago I published a new album chapter. Scroll your mouse over this blog’s page titled “Official Album!” and click “Special Chapter” to view it!! What do you think?

Thank you for never forgetting me despite me not blogging anymore. I love you WordPress Animal Crossing community!!


8 thoughts on “Back blogging? + New Album chapter

  1. Aw!!! I smiled at this post! Just reading all of it! I’m glad you’re back to blogging. ❤ It's school here now and i'm trying my best to balance my schedule on animal crossing + school. 😀 It's true, My sister said that animal crossing was pretty boring and childish for me to play, but i wouldn't want criticism or judging my interests stop me from playing it. ^^

    I'm really glad you're back, You know there's a big animal crossing blogging community in tumblr and they're HILARIOUS! bigger than in wordpress actually. :p and it literally exploded on the midnight of June 9th when it released. xD

    • Yay Choco!! Really? You have school? Oh bummer, well really hope you can keep up with everything! ❤

      Tumblr? Animal Crossing? Hahahah I think Amy had also talked to me about the AC community in Tumblr, I'll have to check it out! I'm sure there are GIFs and such… woot so excited!!

      • Yeah, School starts at June here but i still try to keep up.. xP

        The AC Community on tumblr is just really wild and bigger, I thought you’d like it there if you want active-ness. ^^

  2. Wow, what an awesome surprise in my Reader! Hehe, welcome back 😀 I look forward to checking out the new chapter and what else you might have in store!
    Aww, don’t let anyone make you feel like Animal Crossing is only fit for children or something like that; lots of us in the AC blogging community are teens or twenty-somethings (or even older). And my dad even still plays and enjoys AC! 😛
    We’ve missed you! It’s good to hear from you again and see old, but new projects! 🙂

    • Hahahah thanks, Amy! Oh and hahah that’s right! I do remember posts where you mention that your dad plays with you sometimes! How cool!! 😛
      I really hope these old projects are still good enough, I mean I did these a long time ago! Well I guess I can always create new ones, I love doing them!! 😀

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