Happy August!?!

Hey, hello, hi! Happy Summer xD

So since I will be on vacation all August I decided to do a mega post for everyone!!

So, probably in all August there is only going to be one post, and it’s probably going to be this one, since I am not coming back until the last days of August and I’ll need some rest before I even get back blogging. So this is the only post, and I want to make it long, hopefully interesting, and with some advertisements of blogs you can visit instead of mine.

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome; August’s only post! -.-

Part one: Contest Leak

Remember way back when I talked about a closing my blog for some days, to prepare it for some contest? So I have everything ready but I’m searching for alternatives to closing my blog, any ideas? So, anyway here’s a more detailed explanation of the contest.

I will hide 100 bell icons ( credits to Mayu) all over my blog that when you click on them they lead you to a sign like for example:

The objective is to get as close as my usa Animal Crossing town as possible, this way winning points.

There are signs with 20 miles (like the example), after that one there’s a 15 miles one, a 10 miles one, a 5 and lastly a welcome to usa sign, here are how I calculate the points:

  • Welcome sign= 5 points
  • 5 miles sign= 4 points
  • 10 miles sign= 3 points
  • 15 miles sign= 2 points
  • 20 miles sign= 1 point.

Every time you find a sign you must leave a private comment (just type in private comment anywhere) saying for example:

Private comment

I have found a sign worth __ points: (link image here)

And it’s simple, the user with most points wins! Of course there are prizes! 😀

Part two: a note to all my beloved friends!

I consider everyone that comes to visit my blog a friend, but this note goes especially to everyone who has commented on my blog, who has always been so nice to me… I think you know if you’re a very special friend to me, that’s why I won’t name you guys in this section, because I’d probably name a bunch of people 😛

I feel very, very happy just chatting with you guys, every time you guys leave a comment on my blog I smile, every time we wifi, or simply every time I know for sure all of you are there, supporting me if I do something wrong and always helping me so much! I love every one of you guys, we are the WordPress Animal Crossing Community!!!

Since I will be on vacation, I will not reply to comments or publish new comments on your guys’s blogs, but I promise that when I come back I will! xoxo!!

Part three: Advertisements

  1. Animal Crossing Town Record by Amy: A blog updated with mostly Wild World posts, but also City Folk and GameCube, the owner is Amy; one of the kindest and smartest bloggers I have ever met, she also designs amazing patterns and headers/backgrounds with photoshop!!
  2. Choco’s Animal Crossing Journal: A blog updated often with news of City Folk, Wild World and even AC:3DS! It’s owner likes us to call her Choco, a very nice name that I love! She’s very creative, designs artwork and has an awesome personality!
  3. Animal Crossing Letters by Tammie: A blog by Tammie, a very kind and funny girl, based on a very original idea; Writing letters back to her mother in Animal Crossing!!
  4. ACWW Happiness ^^ by Teru: A very popular blog with always interesting, long posts, with a very intelligent owner that is also an expert with Photoshop!
  5. Kiya’s Travel Journal: Another blog based on an awesome original idea; the owner creates towns and makes pages about them creating her own travel journal with her main character. She also writes posts about anything in her mind, always keeping it very interesting!!

Other blogs:

And a special shout out to my very special friend’s blog about Harry Potter: hpandmore.wordpress.com

Part four: Ebatong

Welcome screen with Dotty, hiding behind the tree 😛

Hey there! She’s so cute yet she was alone so much time, I may have to create a second character in Ebatong to keep her company!

Maybe a mosquito could keep her company, haha, don’t worry, little one (I’m talking to my character, not the mosquito 😆 ) you’ll have a new roommate in no time!

What’ya say… catch of the night, stag beetle??

Okay, seems like I’m the catch of the day for Mr. mosquito -.-

No nets in the store!! Now how will I catch my mosquito? I wasn’t joking before, I want a mosquito as a pet!

I’m really impressed how in so many months, Ebatong managed to only have a few more weeds than usa in a week or so 😛

Gift #1 by Octavian


Gift #2 by Dotty


A note in a bottle!!

Gift #3  o_O Wait a minute, the note in the bottle from you aunt for some reason calling you Timmy, the 3 presents, Jemmaa… were you planning in escaping Ebatong with your aunt as Timmy?? You should be ashamed of yourself! 😆

Heh, this made me laugh and instantly think about Resetti! xD

Part Five: Extra Chapter

Yeah, since my blog is kind of “book” themed, I’ve decided to give it an Extra Chapter (that’s surely not the last one) so you will be seeing me publishing lots of new original stuff, projects, contests… including a project both Emma and I came up with and that we will be doing together, which I will not leak any information so you’ll just have to wait! I can only tell you the idea sounds very exciting and I am truly curious to see how it turns out!!

Part Six: Logo

I leave to all of you kind of the “long awaited” logo I made. There’s actually two of them and I don’t really know which one is the official, anyways here you are:



And here is the profile image of my blog’s gmail, that I actually really like how it turned out. Nothing special, I just like the effect it has 😛



Last part: Goodbye!

So, everything comes to an end, and this is me saying goodbye and until September everyone! Remember to try and catch plenty of bugs because almost everyone of them is available in July but especially try to catch those tarantulas, because it’s the last month you’ll be able to!!

So, I wish all of you an outstandingly amazing summer!! See ya’ later alligator, or… see ya’ soon raccoon 😆


9 thoughts on “Happy August!?!

  1. Welcome back Jemma! :mrgreen:
    I hope your vacation was as amazing as you are, whoop whoop! x3
    First of all, thanks for mentioning me! #> o <# I was really shocked 😆 ! I'm reading this the day that you posted it and I miss you already 😦 😥 . Both of those logos are adorable!! I know it's going to be really tough when you think of your final decision 🙂 .'
    UGGH Mosquito season! I was fishing… okay?… then… a finned shadow apperared out of the mist… 😆 … I sunk my hook into the ocean…it's intrested…it's intreseted… and… WHAM!!! A mosquito bit me and the fish ranaway!!! 👿 .
    Haha, I love the points idea! Maybe I could win a header or something 😀 if i do win of course xD
    Omg "see you soon raccoon" was the best thing I heard all summer.Thanks for the long post, and see ya around!

    • I wouldn’t have been able to not mention you, your blog is too awesome! Thank you so much, I’m glad you like the logos!

      Hahaha, stupid mosquito!! I hate it when that happens to me!
      The prizes were basically going to be bells and some furniture, but now that I think of it, a header would be something cool to include in the prizes! Especially if someone doesn’t have wifi!

      Haha, seriously? That just made my day, “see you soon racoon” was something I though about while writing the post, it’s rather pathetic but I’m glad it at least made someone laugh!
      I miss you!!

  2. This really is a mega post, so long and full of fun things, I love it! :mrgreen: Thank you so much for the advertisements, I appreciate what you wrote about me! ♥

    Wow, all your projects and the new contest sound great, I’m looking forward to them! The contest reminds me of finding bells around ACC, only I’m curious what happens if multiple people find all the signs?

    It’s good to hear about Ebatong again; even though there are weeds, I still can’t help but be charmed by your town because of the triangle grass and seeing one of my favorite house styles in the background of several pictures. Oh and you’ve still got Nook’s Cranny! Aww, your neighbors are being generous with all the gift-giving.

    Your logos are fantastic, I especially love the book one — wonderful job 😮

    Have a fun time on your vacation and a good summer, Jemma!

    • Basically, if multiple people found all the signs, I’d probably add a few more and extend the contest a bit or just give the 1st prize to everyone who found all of them.

      Yeah, I’ve left Ebatong pretty behind, it looks pretty bad, and I really have to get back to working on it!

      I’m glad you like them! It’s thanks to you that I even have the book one!! 😀

      Thank you, I hope you had a fantastic summer!! Thanks for your amazingly sweet comment!

  3. WOW super mega post at all! I’m excited with our project, and we have to keep working on it!!! It will be great! Thank you so much for all your nice words and for adversting my blog 😀 Hey hey ebatong is here again lol 😀 Haha good logos they are great! I prefer the 1st one because the other is too much things but it’s stll great! I think you had the same problem as me you wanted to do a logo very special and creative but then you aded a lot of details and a logo needs to be simple, but don’t worry about it I think your logos are super great!!! 😀 And I love the logos with a lot of details so great work!!!! 😀 How is going your summer? I hope great!!!! My best wishes Jemma!
    PD: I miss youuuuuuu :mgreen:

    • Yup, I really am excited to see how our project turns out, Emma!!
      And you’re so welcome, your blog is awesome and deserves it!

      Yeah, I don’t think we’re experts in designing logos but I think both of us did a great job (especially you 😉 ) I really enjoyed your logos too!

      I miss you tooooo! Kisses!!

  4. Oh wow!! what a neat idea :DD I hope i get to find one of those bells 😈

    i truly smiled when i saw this “I love every one of you guys, we are the WordPress Animal Crossing Community!!!” That speech. was. amazing :’D i feel like i want to play AC more and meet more new people here!! :mrgreen:

    oh and thanks for advertising my blog! (even though i’m inactive there!) I love what you said about me and my blog. 🙂 your so nice 😀 and actually. i don’t wanna force you guys to call me “choco”. XDD call me kammile,choco or whatever you wanna call me (give me a nickname if you want) but i think i prefer “kammile” since i’ve been called kammile for like. foreeeverrr here. XDDD


    The post is great! i love the stories in Ebatong and the new chapter! 😀 I really miss you guys. i hope we can wi-fi… but .. i don’t have a ds yet D: oh goshh… 😦

    • Thank you, good luck finding the bells! 😀
      Haha, we are the WordPress Animal Crossing Community, all of us, aww I miss you!!

      Everything I said about your blog was the truth! I really enjoy reading it 🙂 Haha, I think I like calling you Kammile better too! 😛

      Thanks again!!

  5. Thank you so much guys, you are the best!!! I took a little extra days away from the blog, sorry!! Now I got to answer your comments personally (the comments that I loved so much!)

    Happy Summer everyone!!

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