How to… Catch Tarantulas and Scorpions: Step by step

Hello sweet pumpkins 😛 How’s summer going? Catching plenty of bugs, remember in August 42 of the 56 bugs in Animal Crossing Wild World are available to catch, including Tarantulas and Scorpions.

Since they’re the 2 hardest bugs to catch for most people, I decided to do a little step by step tutorial that will both help me and you to catch these nasty little bugs!

So let’s start by getting to know better these little (or big) bugs

 the little images of the bugs (only) are from

Okay, so know that we know when and where to catch them, the bells they put in our pockets (or the occupation in our museum) we can try to catch them. Pay attention and listen to me when I say do NOT hold a net, if you do and the Scorpion or Tarantula sees you it will run to attack you!

Notes: These bugs will not appear when it’s raining/snowing or when the gate is open.

  1. WITHOUT holding a net I’d recommend  just plugging  in some headphones to our nintendo and start listening to our game, naturally, not inside any building, just outside. Meanwhile you can read something, write, play games without a lot of noise…
  2. Whenever you hear a bug sound pickup your nintendo and check if you see a Tarantula or a Scorpion, if you don’t but you still hear the noise, walk around very slowly looking for the bug, also keep your eyes open for other bugs that might have mistaken you with their sound. Remember, do NOT hold a net!!!
  3. If you have spotted your catch of the day, it’s time to spot their back. If you see a Scorpion, it’s easy, just look for its tail. And if you see a Tarantula it gets a little more complicated; try advancing slowly towards it (not holding a net) until it moves a bit, be careful not to scare it too much or it might end up running in the ocean/river. The opposite direction that it moved will be its back.
  4. Now, sneak up upon them from behind (where they can’t see you) and when you’re 100% sure they can’t see you bring out your net, advance just the right distance and…
  5. WAP! Swing your net and hope for the best!

Did you catch it? Did it run away, or did you run away? Even worst, did it sting you? Leave a response in the comments below! I will try to add pictures to this tutorial soon, whenever I spot one 🙂

If you didn’t catch it, don’t worry, there will be other times! So keep your heads up and hope for more, oh! and after you donate both bugs in the museum a surprise is waiting for you…

You can also try other methods showed in this video:   I explained the easiest way that I know, but maybe you find easier one of the methods from this video. 😉

I really hope this helps you guys, the greatest of luck and… Happy Summer!!!


17 thoughts on “How to… Catch Tarantulas and Scorpions: Step by step

  1. 😀 Usually I get super scared and chicken out because they chase me!!!! 😆 Haha
    if you’re wondering if it was helpful… let’s just say that sucker is in my pocket! 🙂 Thanks xxx

    • Haha, that always happens to me too!!
      I’m sooo glad that it was helpful, thank you so much for the comment, you’re very kind!! 😀

  2. (Oh gosh, it’s almost August already, this summer and year in general as flown by for me. ._.)
    This is a really helpful guide! You could probably repost it under your Guides page. 🙂
    I managed to catch them both last summer, but mostly because I’d just started a new town and was really addicted, playing all the time, so I had lots of chances… Because I’m not very consistent in catching them, I still have trouble most of the time. 😐 If you can’t get the hang of any sort of technique in catching them, you might just have to get lucky in finding an “easy” tarantula/scorpion, one that happens not to move around and jump at you too much. (Maybe that’s just my experience, but I’ve had seemingly “hard” tarantulas/scorpions that see you immediately and pounce at once, and I’ve also had ones that sit there on the ground, completely still and really easy to catch.)

    • Yeah, the year has just flown by for me too!!
      Thank you so much, I caught only one -.- it was a tarantula, last year, but since then I have tons more trees and I’ve heard that they don’t like trees, because this summer I have only seen one tarantula (and it dived into the river 😛 )
      Is it really a problem to have lots of trees in your town?? 😦 If it is I’ll probably cut down the trees around the town hall, that should make a good catch (I hope)

      I really agree with that there are easier ones to catch than others, the ones I have seen were either hard ones or ones I wasn’t able to catch except for the tarantula last year 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!! 😀

  3. Hey there, honney, I read this post and enjoyed it so much, it has some special information that I’ve rarely heard before, and never heard it so explained and with so much enthusiast in the text.
    But honey, did yuo copy this post or did they copy it from you??
    I’m truly sorry if they really did copy it from you. And if you copied it how about you give them some copyright, honey?? Just a simple link would do so!

    • Hey Blanca, thank you so much!! Your comment was very kind!

      No, I did not copy this text in the post, they must have copied it from me, although I think I’ll just ignore it, plenty of people visited my side the 29th but I’m sure even more people visited that other site (it looks like one of those big sites with lots of editors 😦 )

      I won’t even bother to contact them, they’d just ignore me probably, to tell you the truth I’m kinda flattered, it’s nice to see they liked my content so much they published it (although maybe it’s one of those spam sites?? but it was powered by wordpress, it said it in the bottom). Oh well, at least the text comes with the image that has my blog link in it.

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