Party, party at An Ville!

Hello everyone! This was a party that happened several weeks ago, at An Ville, it was organized by Choco from chocosacjournal. Amy and I were invited to it, so we attended and had tons of fun!

I like to talk to neighbors and shop before going to a party, so that’s probably why I’m always so late xP and I cough a few sweet sentences by Apollo (picture above) and Kid Cat, my second newest neighbor.


Haha, I though this was a funny letter to get Foreign Fruit, I actually had this song stuck in my head all afternoon 😳 (seriously)

Yipee, let’s get over there!

Me apologizing for being late, but they had waited for me! I though that was very sweet.

Cute pic of the three of us, all thinking.

And Amy was trying to get a pic of my anime eyes, apparently there is a glitch that during wifi when you change clothes/accessories it makes you have anime eyes for a bit. This picture is taken by Amy, all copyrights to actownrecord.

So we started the first game, a treasure hunt, but it had something special to it, we had to dig up the timer!

Amy dug up a triforce, so I asked her if I could touch it, she gladly said yes! Thanks Amy!


The second game was like a special game of tag, Choco was it, and she had to catch us, but there were some bases (the ones with the numbers) where she couldn’t get us. And depending on the number of the base was the number of seconds we could stay there.


And lastly there was a race, with pitfalls and holes, Amy won the game 😛

So, after the games she let us explore her town, that is pretty new, so it was very fun to explore it and keep digging holes from the treasure hunt.

I love the shape of Claire’s house! And she has a purple roof, like me!!

While digging a little more, I found a throne, woot! 😀

Yay, it’s Nook & Go, I really missed the types of Nook’s store and houses, so that’s what I like best of having Ebatong.

I told them that my spring party, was partly also a birthday party, they were very surprised, haha! I didn’t want to make it the official “my birthday party” because I though Spring was reason enough to celebrate and I didn’t want to make it all about me, I just like so much spring!

Visiting Ribbot’s house, he didn’t remember me *_*


Claire also entered, and when we both came out we fused! My favorite moment was when our eyes combined!


A little chat about Harry Potter movies v.s the books and, of course, about the Hunger Games! 😮

Aww, it’s Chow! Emma hated him, so she wanted him to move from her town, he finally did 😆 Although I kinda like Chow…


To end up the party, we used our emotions. Sadly, Claire doesn’t have any, so it was basically Amy and I.

Although Claire still has a lot of personality, look at the first picture, he’s showing us the “I will kill you” face 😆

I had a wonderful time Choco and Amy, or Claire and Twisk 😛 Thank you so much for inviting me, Choco! And sorry for posting this so late!


14 thoughts on “Party, party at An Ville!

  1. It’s really cool you have some neighbors from friends’ towns, Tropica and A casa! I feel like giving a tip about the foreign fruit trick, though. 😛 To receive fruit in return, the letter has to be only one-line long with a present attached. So something like “Please send fruit.” or simply “Hi!” would work (but Nigra’s letter was a lot more fun! :lol:). Two-line letters will get you furniture in return and three- or four- line letters will get you carpet/wallpaper. Haha, sorry for going off on that. xD

    I really like your pictures of the party, they came out so good. 😀 Especially the group picture at the beginning, that one’s cute! And with the emotion group picture at the end, it’s funny how you were able to sort of get an emotion out of Claire with the mid-blink. 😆 I enjoyed our Harry Potter conversations and in general had a good time with you, congratulations on the throne! 😮 You got one at my party too I think. 😛

    • Yeah, I really like the feature of having neighbors from your friend’s town and all.
      Thanks for the tip! I usually send a letter to neighbors, first saying something very long just because I’m bored, and after I get bored of writing a few long letters, I end up sending real letters; understandable and short. 😛 Although the language neighbors understand in Wild World is very limited, although I find it another very cool feature.

      I love it when pics like this or like the one you took at your birthday party of me blowing a popper, turn out. They have a nice quality and it and have a very faded grid, unlike the majority of the ones I take from my DS -.- . That’s one of the best things about Wild World on an emulator (that I already installed, yipe 😆 ).

      I also enjoyed our Harry Potter conversation, and thank you! Yes, I did get one at your party, thanks for that one too, but the present I remember the most is Kiki’s pic! Thank you so much for getting that for me, I really was attached (kinda still am) to her and you were super generous!!

  2. hii do yu know if there is a baseball costume in acww? im from boston and i really like the red socks sooo yeah if there is one could you please tell me and if there is not you have a design request rofl
    rofl means rolling on the floor laughing, just so yu know.

    • There is one, I will try to get a picture of it to show it to you, or in my next post. Meanwhile I can also try to design one Red Soxs themed 😉

  3. Yeah I didn’t like chow lol I don’t know why 😉 😆
    I would love to be there (in the party) It was amazing I think and I would love to talk about HP and HG! Great photopost (like all of yours)
    I heard Choco restarted in acww again! Is true? :O
    I hope not cuz An Ville is awesome…how many times she restarded?I love the emotion pic and the pic where you and Claire fused and Claire had one of your eyes! 😀 Funny post and good party! :mrgreen:

    • Haha, everyone has a neighbor he doesn’t like, just like in real life xD
      Thank you so much! I really hope you can come to some next wifi party, because you don’t come to a lot of them, and I always have fun on wifies with you!

      Now that you say it, I did hear it… I’m pretty sure she did, she regrets deleting Starcity and she’s looking for the most similar town to it she can find, I think it’s very brave of her. Although she may regret deleting Starcity, she is working hard to fix her mistake, something not many people can do. GO CHOCO! I will help you if you need anything 🙂

      Thank you for saying that, I’m really glad you like my posts, Emma! I also love yours from your blog 😀

  4. Aww.. Even though it’s a belated post, I’m still glad you had the guts to post it. 😀

    Chow seems nice. xD

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