First day in Ebatong!

Update: I’m leaving from the 5th of April until the 8th, it’s a little vacation I personally take off from blogging, I think I won’t even enter my computer and instead try to focus on other stuff for these 3 days, like playing sports, writing (with actual paper and pen)… Hope you understand!


Haha, Ebatong is my new town… Don’t worry, I also have usa! It’s just now I have two acww game-cards! Yipee!

What do you think of the name? Pretty original right? I wasn’t searching for anything beautiful, I just wanted something creative and I typed in a bunch of letters, added the *vowels in the spots that were necessary, and… Voila! Destination: Ebatong! πŸ˜€

Aww, I sure hope I get Pate in my town!

Arr! I missed Kapp’n so much!

I wasn’t very strict picking my town, I just wanted an island and a few ponds (at least 2)

Β Β 

None of the first 5 or so towns had an island (talk about bad luck!) So when I saw one with an island and two ponds, even though the river is super straight I just sticked to it, besides, I really like the shape of the town!



Time to find Tom Nook… This is the part I hate of creating new characters/new towns…

Now I enter the house, and when I come out—



Sweet old Nook’s Cranny, I really am looking forward to experiencing all Nook’s shops again, it’s one of the things I really have missed in usa.

Now… I gotta get to work -.-‘




And, finally…



Now I can relax and explore my town

The houses aren’t bad at all, I really like them, they give me a worm feeling: the stone roof, white wall and wood color door…

And I’ve found myΒ favoriteΒ place in town! I’ve always loved beaches that have water on all sides of them except for the left/right side. Sadly my main town, usa, doesn’t have one of them.

Now, after a long day of work, let’s go home and relax a bit!

… At least I have a cute face.


23 thoughts on “First day in Ebatong!

  1. I love new towns, the environment has such a fresh, clean feel and they seem so quaint with Nook’s Cranny and only 3 neighbors. Ebatong is a unique and creative name, I love it! I googled it and your blog was one of the top results, my town name does the same. xP

    Your town looks so lovely! πŸ™‚ That house style is one of my favorites as well and you have triangle grass! I’m really jealous that you have a pond by your house in both usa and Ebatong, it’s one of my favorite town features. To walk outside and the first thing you hear is the sound of trickling water (and in the summertime, possibly a croaking frog). ❀ Plus the pavement is smaller. πŸ˜›

    • Aww, thanks! I just googled it right now, and I had googled Dafdilly in the past. And I think it’s great that we’re both one of the top results πŸ™‚

      I can’t complain about how it turned out, although your town is also unique and always looks nice by looking at it on the map, or the way you always design your towns that I’m so jealous of!
      When I was little (well, little-er) and I walked outside of the house and heard a frog I would get scared πŸ˜†

      Thanks for commenting so much on my blog today! =3 Not that you don’t comment other times, but today you commented on two posts and… Anyway, thanks for always commenting on my blog so much, Amy!

  2. Hehe Ebatong :lol:… I don’t really like this name (sorry 😳 ) but I have to say it’s original πŸ˜› (not like A casa pff πŸ˜† ) I created a new character and she is similar than yours!!!! I love that type of faces.
    I’m thinking to buy a new Acww card too cuz I want to have a different town and some different fruits (apples are boring πŸ˜† ), and blah blah blah….. Well congrats for your blog I really have to say your doing a really good job and that’s why all the people comment on it (obvious πŸ˜† )
    I like the “geography” of your town it’s incredible I want an island too!!!! XD

    • Haha, don’t worry at least you think it’s original! πŸ˜› I also really like these type of faces, especially the green eyes!
      You may wanna wait to buy a new AC:WW card because you may wanna buy the 3DS, but having a new town sounds pretty hard to resist.
      Thanks, although I don’t really agree with you, I’ve had much better times with the blog popularity, and I feel both me and the blog are a little… down? xD But part of having a blog is to stay positive, so, hey! I’m not complaining, haha.

      Congrats on your party, I’ll try to comment tomorrow on your new post, I’m starting to get tired so I better go to sleep soon but first I have to finish a few things before I do so, one of these things is send to you an e-mail πŸ™‚

      • Hahaha yeah be positive in the blog hard times is one of the important things the other is to have fun always! If u start to don’t have fun in the blog……… :S
        Well I think your blog it’s great it’s not in the best time but I think it’s getting popularity!
        Ohh haha do u remember:
        ” Pink this, pink that, who needs friend who needs popularity I want boys and I want thenm pink, pink pink pink” Hahaha πŸ˜› (fans of acww don’t think bad of this song it’s not what we thing in reality… or yes (joking) of course not! ) ❀ See you Jemma!

  3. Gosh I write it the song wrong that’s the real song hehe:

    ” Pink this, pink that, who needs friend who needs inteligance I have money I have popularity I want boys and I want thenm pink, pink pink pink” πŸ˜† :mrgreen: = ( It’s been a long time I don’t put this face :mrgreen: ) πŸ˜†

    • Totally agree with you!

      And haha, I do remember that song! We laughed so hard when we were inventing it! Ahhh… good times! πŸ˜›

      And thanks for the two comments, lol.

  4. OMG, You got a new town (on another game card. πŸ˜† ) I love the name Ebatong! It’s unusual and pretty unique! ^_^ Do you got the name by inspiration? πŸ™‚
    btw, i know.. it’s so hard to pick a perfect town you really want… it’s really time consuming, if Animal Crossing would let us all pick the layouts of our own towns… that would be SO awesome. xD

    and… are you coming to my party? it’s today about 4 PM your time.. i think. 😦

    • Thanks Kammile! I didn’t have a concrete inspiration, I was actually looking for a music related name, after that a sea related and music name, and after that i gave up, but then… πŸ’‘ Ebatong! xD

      I hope there’s some way to do that in the future, choose your own town… wicked! xP I think that was the first time I said wicked.

      I had some much fun at your party Kammile, and will be posting the pictures soon!

      • I hope the AC:3DS has that feature. πŸ˜› Although, It’ll ruin the suspense on what your town will look like, i just don’t like how i reset over and over until i get the town i want, it’s time consuming. πŸ˜† and the fact i’m a “semi” perfectionist and ALSO a very lazy person, lol.

        I hope MORE in AC:3DS, i also hope that it has many events, just like City Folk! xD (btw, i already posted my bunny day post. πŸ˜† )
        Ebatong is kinda familiar… i think it’s musical instrument in our country? πŸ˜• i don’t know…well, have a nice time on Ebatong!
        Happy Hunger Games! and may the odds be ever in your favor. πŸ˜†

        • I’m pretty much like you, I’m a semi perfectionist and a super-uper lazy person -.-

          Ebatong is a completely random name, haha but maybe it’s an instrument? That’d be interesting to find out!

          πŸ˜† Can’t wait to read the books!!!

          • uhu Hunger Games I was thinking to buy the book they say they are awesome! In spain the film is not already in the cinemas but it’s coming soon in 10 days or something like that! I’m excited to see if the film is better than twiling πŸ˜† (Hope yes)I like twiling but I think it’s too much love in 1 action film and I totally disagree about twiling better than HP (as a lot of the people does) but I respect all the people opinions πŸ˜€ I maybe make a comparation of the 3 films (HP, twiling and the hunger games)! (U now who is the best for me but I like to see the films with different “points of view” )
            Hehe and Jemma I think the games are alredy published in Spain too πŸ˜† well maybe you meant “Can’t wait to buy the book” πŸ˜€

    • Haha, that’d be a totally awesome idea, comparing the three books, you could make a review of each one of them, and lastly compare them all, it’d be 4 or something posts and I think it would be very interesting! Fantastic idea!!

      Well, yeah πŸ˜† first I have to actually buy the books, but I meant after I buy them, read them xD

  5. Haha that’s how I created my ACCF town, Yefeb. πŸ˜€ I just typed in random letters. But you mean you added “vowels” in the spots that were necessary, not “vocals” right? xD

    • I really like original and random names, Yefeb is a great name for a town, it’s so special and I don’t think they’s any other town with that name!

      Oh, that’s how they’re called? 😳 I’m so embarrassed, in Spanish it’s “vocales” and i though it’d be a similar word, I’ll edit it right now!

      • Thanks! haha. But sometimes I feel like I want to change it because it sounds so weird. xD
        It’s ok, don’t feel mad at yourself, English is not your native language. πŸ˜‰

  6. Hey Jemma! I hope your new life in Ebatong is going well, and I bet you’ve payed off a few debts by now. πŸ˜›

    Have you signed up on Pottermore? If so, we should add each other — I’m CauldronGhost16341 (what a big number :lol:).

    • Hey, thanks, I payed the first house debt off and saving money to pay the second one (I’m slow xD)

      I have signed up! My username is PhoenixLeviosa23377, the numbers are very easy to remember, I just remember them by 2 as two threes, and two sevens πŸ˜›

      • Wow, you’ve already been sorted, have a wand, and some house points! I haven’t even started the story yet, but I look forward to the sorting.

        • Yeah, haha, I’m in Ravenclaw, house of cleverness! I kinda wanted Gryffindor I guess, but I’m not very brave…

          Exploring the story is so much fun, and after you get sorted it’s even better!
          I think the best feature I like of Pottermore is collecting objects and exploring the chapters, they are so full of features and the presentation looks excellent!!

  7. Whoa, you’re birthday is March 27th? (Or is that the character’s birthday πŸ˜‰ )
    Just saying because mine was on the 26th hahaha!

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