Spring Party p/2

Hey! This is part two of the party I threw, make sure to check part 1 also!

Sorry for not posting it sooner, but I promise, that there’s a post coming on soon!

Usagi fell asleep, and obviously, Amy and I knew what we had to do!

But since we didn’t want to get in trouble, we hid behind… Can you guess??

We’re behind my house! I can see Amy’s cute hat, haha!

😮 She found us!

After that we head into the Spring Café, the room I had prepared for the party.

Now it’s Amy’s turn!

But Amy didn’t pay for her coffee so Jemma went a little overboard in punishing her 😆

But Usagi saw the scene and didn’t doubt once on calling the police, eek!

I decided to hide with Static, but it seems like he was worst than me:

Static was scaring me more than the police, so I head out to keep enjoying the party

Yumm! Yumm! I still think Amy’s mad at me for trying to kill her… I mean come on, it’s not that bad!

But who could stay mad at these cute faces? The police will forgive me for sure! 😆

It was time to end this party, but before we headed up at the gate to take emotion pics!

And after Amy and Usagi left, it was time to check on the trees we had planted earlier.

But the party wasn’t quite over yet, Kammile came later on since I didn’t update her friend code before the party, and we decided to throw another party! 🙂


4 baby trees!! 😀

Kammile and I at the beach xD

We head over towards the clothing spot, to get some costume and start the games!

Kammile is an angel with a “poncho” , haha!

This is the race, but instead we had to do it without the pitfalls, as I didn’t have anymore left ‘-.-

The obstacle course! I think it’s my favorite game of the ones I organized 🙂

She finished the course in 35 seconds! Yay! 😛

After that she hid from me o_O Is my face really that scary? 😆

…Not at the able sisters

Aha! With that clue I had it 😀

Hmm… do you hear that?

It’s Kammile changing clothes! Got ‘ya!

Now it’s my time to hide!

  • It’s a very relaxing spot
  • Inside another place
  • Where Phyllis is often there
These were the clues I gave her, with the two last ones she had me!

Agh! There she is, her time to hide!

Oh… now I know where she is!

Unfair! 😕

Got distracted again, catching butterflies.

This was the last pic I took from Kammile in my town, but after that she invited me to come to her town:

I just love the name “An Ville”

Woot! Such beautiful paths, it’s a candy-themed town!

I love the map, wonderful island, and I love the three ponds it has!

I think she’s planing on doing some natural park here? The secondary paths, all the trees…

Aww, how cute, I miss all the different Nook shops I had before Nookingtoons, the only one I remember with perfection is Nook’s Cranny.

Aww, now it was time to go! I had great fun with you, Kammile!

Thank you all for coming to my party! Until next time! 😀


PS: I just can’t resist myself… I got a new Animal Crossing game card, and now I have two towns! I’ll post more about my new town in the future post.


11 thoughts on “Spring Party p/2

  1. Waww i like this post! 🙂 It has a lot of pictures, I want to create a blog of cf and ww but my cam has bad qualiti.
    I really like yur blog and i am going to subscribe to it ok?
    xoxo, Izzie

    • Thanks Izzie! Try using the macro mode of your camera if it has one, and with City Folk you don’t need a camera to take pictures of your playing, so you could create a blog for City Folk only.
      Also, thanks very much for subscribing!

  2. I saw this post briefly the other day, but the next time I visited your blog to read it all the way through, it was gone. xP haha I’m glad it’s up again 😀

    lol, that picnic picture where I look angry and you and Usagi are making such cute faces is funny. but we’ve all got cute faces in the next one 🙂

    Just wondering, did all of our trees grow?

    I loved seeing pictures of Kammile’s town, haven’t been there yet. Great post! And wow, that’s such exciting news about having a new gamecard and two towns now! I can’t wait until the post on it :mrgreen:

    • Haha, yeah, I “un-published” the post because there were some pictures and phrases I didn’t quite like. 🙂

      I watered all of the trees and none of them grew, can you believe that? Maybe I didn’t leave enough space for them or something else happened, anyway, I’m planning a new spot where we can plant them that’ll be wider than the previous one… 😳 I’m so sorry!

      Kammile’s town looks great, and I think I’ll post the new town pics today.

      • Haha wow, that’s really weird none of them grew. 😮 Actually, watering saplings doesn’t do anything, and neither does walking on them; the main thing that matters in determining a tree’s growth is if it’s on a ‘dead spot’ or not.

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    • Aww, but you still have City Folk, and I’m probably going to get a 3DS and we can wifi in AC:3DS, and if not… look on the bright side, if you fix your DS wifi thingy I’ll throw a party just for you!!
      I miss you so much!!! 😦

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