Party- Temporary Post

Spring party is over! I had a marvelous time, thanks to Amy and Usagi for coming and later on, thank you Kammile for also coming! Two wifies in one day, yipee! I’ll post the photos on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, so keep checking in for the post!

Hey everyone! The spring party I was planning is on Sunday 10am my time, and for what I know only 2 are coming, Amy and Emma, anyone else wanna come?

Emma and Amy, please bring a net, a shovel, some pitfalls and lots of eager to have fun! πŸ˜€


I have prepared 2 races, a random game, hide and go seak, and a costume game. I have also prepared a special room in my house so after a long day I can serve you coffee with cow milk (sorry, no pigeon milk πŸ˜† )

I’ll explain the game instructions in my town, and they’re pretty simple games so don’t worry about understanding them!


Yikes! I just couldn’t resist, you gotta look at this photo Kiya took of her character next to her town waterfall:

(C) All rights reserved to Kiya


17 thoughts on “Party- Temporary Post

  1. Awesome, I look forward to it! πŸ˜€ One part was cut off, though: “please bring a net, a shovel and lots of –” and I think this was accidentally posted several times. πŸ˜› Maybe Kammile or Usagi would like to come as well?

  2. Its in sunday????? I can’t sorry, can be today at the same time please!!! 😦 I can’t come on sunday and remember the next week it’s imposible for all of us (You and me πŸ˜† ) what we can do? Today I can but on sunday no, sorry….. ohhh I don’t want to miss one of your party again 😦

    • Emma everything’s all planned out 😦 Maybe you can figure out a way to come? I’ll try to change the date of it, but if it’s not tomorrow it has to be next week, no, the following one… why can’t you come?

  3. ’cause I go to my holiday house and we don’t have WIFI I’m sorry Jemma it’s imposible I can’t go maybe on sunday 5 pm my time but for Amy, Usagi… it’s imposible in that time 😦 Well if you change the time/ the day I can go but if you don’t good luck and have a great time πŸ˜‰

    • Aww 😦 Well, that’s a shame, I hope on some other wifi meeting you can come!
      I really wanted you to come, next time for sure πŸ˜‰

      Btw everyone is so funny over wifi! Hehe, (does Sandra have wifi? I read in a comment that she also had acww)

  4. Maybe i can come to your party, Sunday,right? 10 AM your time?
    I hope i can come because i *might* have practice for our dance…
    but we haven’t decided whether to go practice or not..

    i hope not.. i’m dead tired after our practice back at friday. >__<
    but i'm opening my ds… and getting blamed at by Resetti. πŸ˜†

      • Aww sorry, you didn’t come, are you sure you added me? Or maybe I didn’t add you πŸ˜• Either way I hope you can come to a next party! I missed you there!

      • i *did* add you and i added “jemma”

        My FC is on ACC, Please remember that i recently restarted.. 😦

        • Gosh I’m so sorry Kammile, I went to check your FC on your “acww info” page and it wasn’t updated with An Ville’s information, so I though it was your newest town, I deleted Claire’s FC and added Mallow’s friend code, again I’m so sorry, I’ll add you again with the right FC to avoid further confusions.

            • Sure! Sent you a PT, please read it and then we’re ready to wifi!
              PS: If I got you scared with the “please read it” don’t worry, it’s nothing serious, it’s actually pretty ridiculous πŸ˜†

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