Last days of Winter

If you read the last update of this post, please ignore it Kiya is back to blogging!

Sorry for not posting this sooner, but I wanted to make a post especially about these last days of winter, in other words last days of snow in Animal Crossing and until I got a few pictures of my town without snow (without time-traveling) I didn’t want to publish these pictures.

Just a random pic of Sable sewing in front of the collection of pictures of Sable and Mabel’s childhood including their parents.

Haha, Puddles was talking about Nook in this picture, sorry if you can’t see it very well, it turned out pretty dark

I think I do…

So it’s not cupcake day? 😆 I really am hungry for some cupcakes…


Last snowman I built, with the letter he sent to me for building him perfectly! 😀


The 19th was the special Nook sale, where you got five times the points for each item you buy… only 287 to go!

My new neighbor, Static, finally; a grumpy in my town! It’s been a while since one of these came to my town!


Blanca came to my town and I designed this face for her… It didn’t turn out as good as I imagined it to be 😕

I bought a painting when Redd’s tent was out, luckily, it wasn’t a fake but I kinda wish it would’ve been a fake…

… Blathers got really excited with this painting, I’m usually giving him fake paintings 🙄


Today’s the 23rd and it’s Pate’s birthday! Bree was also there… but I don’t know if she complemented me or laughed at me:

I tried to take a picture of Jemma flipping in the air, but my camera went off and I had to turn it on really quickly so that I could at least picture something… There you have it 😳

And snow’s gone! 😮


In the end I dedicated my self at creating town tunes instead of a snowman everyday… if you need a town tune you could try one of these! 😆

And last but not least a picture of my character Ariadna, when she got hold of a money rock!

If you haven’t played Animal Crossing yet, what are you waiting for? I bet the green of the trees and grass will put a smile on your face, in fact, it even made me take out the paths from a part of my town, just to see better my lovely triangle grass, I missed it so much!


I’m preparing my town for a spring wifi party! Lots of flowers, colored paths and fruit picnics, games… Hopefully lots of fun!

I still don’t know when, maybe in a week or in two weeks, it all depends. I’ll publish more info soon, so check out for a new post or comment below!


19 thoughts on “Last days of Winter

  1. Pateeee I miss you 😦 He was my bestfriend 🙂 Well yeah how the months past in acww it’s not winter anymore 😆 I love the face of Blanca it’s fantastic! 😉 Really the snowman send you a letter at the end of winter? 🙂 Cool! The next year I would try to make a snowman but you have to help me 😉
    Good job with another of your fantastic posts 😀

    • I would love to give you Pate’s picture, if you’d like but first I have to get it 😆 I’ve been too busy trying to get Mitzy’s picture.
      Thanks, Emma! And actually, the snowman is supposed to send you a letter with a winter special gift every time you build a perfect one, but for some reason I only got one letter a week ago 😛
      Aww, I’m glad you like my posts!

  2. Oooh, spring, that definitely makes me want to play again! 😛 I’d have to catch up through the winter I missed first, though. T_T I have Static too! He’s my favorite cranky. Lovely photos, your town looks beautiful with the green spring triangle grass 😀

    • Thanks, Amy! I love winter but I couldn’t wait until spring came, that’s why I wanted to throw the party.
      Static is one funny cranky neighbor, I just love him! 😀 I bet your town also looks amazing, and I’m curious to see how you decorated your town, you always decorate it so… amazingly!

  3. Hey Jemma 🙂
    Such a long time no see 😦
    Gawd I hope you remember me xD
    Do you have ACCF or just ACWW? Or both? haha bcuz unfortunately I can’t go on ACWW anymore, and if u have ACCF I’d love to meet up ^^

    • Aww, I’ll never forget you Tess! But I don’t have ACCF 😦 I’d love to meet up too, maybe someday I’ll get ACCF but first I have to get a Wii…
      I wish I had both, I really miss playing over wifi with you!

      • Yeah I miss it too. 😥 & Thanks! I’ll never forget you either. ❤
        You could get a wii, but they're really expensive, plus u need the game, and if I just get a 3DS then I can go back to ACWW maybe. (If my wifi works on it and i don't have to restart my acww town) 🙂

      • Unfortunately, if your WiFi security is too advanced for and incompatible with AC:WW, playing it on the 3DS won’t make it work. AC:WW is much older and can’t take advantage of the 3DS’s technology that came later.

    • Ooh, I’d love to come! 😀 Didn’t see the edit at first. You’ve been to both of my parties, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to one of yours before. I remember a post of Kammile’s a long time ago called “Party in the USA!” or something. 😛

      • Your blog it’s getting famous again 😀 Good luck for you 😉 Well I have to say your blog it’s fantastic and you have done a really great job 😀 I hope you can keep posting and having fans 4ever! 🙂 🙂 See you soon in another of your posts, sorry* of your fantastic posts 🙂 So yeah… that’s all 😆

      • Great! Two are coming, I hope you have fun Amy! Maybe my town’s not going to be perfect… but I am planing games and decorating my house so we can play, have some coffee and even have a costume party! 😛

        And Emma thanks for the sweet comment, you seem to also have a popular blog too! Don’t give your hopes up for more HP fan comments, Sandra is a really great fan of yours, so keep posting for me, for her and for all of us! You’re doing great!

  4. Hiiiii
    I didnt introduce myself before, ive been following your blog in silence haha!
    but now im commenting 🙂 Sorry fur my bad english but im french so i don write very well, as i said before i like Big Top and Static, they’re my dream neighbors, i like cranky and lazy neighbors!
    Anyway im sidney, y mi acc cuenta es “sidneyacww”
    Haha tryed a little spanish there!

    • Aww thanks, I’ll add you on ACC!
      I think lazy and cranky neighbors are funny, I also like to have them in my town, we could wifi and try to get Static into your town if you want, or go to the ACC neighbor trading thread, just post that you’d like Static and I’m sure you can arrange something 🙂
      Btw your English is good, don’t worry about it!

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