Talking to characters + Coffee!

How’s everything? This is going to be a “special post” dedicated to all the characters in Animal Crossing that every now and then make the game more interesting with some of their episodes, here are only a few, but there are many more to talk to, such as Blathers, Pelly, Phyllis, Mable…

PS: Only Nook is having an episode that I pictured, the following one is Sable talking when you befriend her and the other one is Phyllis talking to me when I found her in the Roost.
























6 thoughts on “Talking to characters + Coffee!

  1. niiice! i don’t really know what tom nook is sad about thes days but we discovered a page where it sais that tom was an old boyfriend of sable? maybe it’s just a rumor ):
    ps: i’m jasmin, i changed my email just so u know

    • Hey Jasmin, hi Iris! It’s good to see you both back 😀

      Well on the Animal Crossing Wikia I only found this bit of information about Tom Nook and Sable, take a look:

      “Tom is very money-driven, and many years ago left behind his friends, most importantly Sable, to travel to the big city. His dreams of success are quickly broken by the harsh life there. After making nothing of himself, he returns to the player’s town to set up his store. Nook no longer appears to be friends with Sable, though the two often mention each other to the player.”
      Source of text

      It didn’t say anything about them dating, but I’ll be looking for more, it’s interesting to discover the past of the official characters in Animal Crossing.

      I saw you changed your e-mail, and with the e-mail your gravatar also did too! 😛

    • Thanks Emma! And, yeah Phyllis is pretty rude… I always liked Nook, maybe it’s ’cause I find him cute or simply I kinda like his way of acting, I imagine him like… A friend with a hard life who, just like anyone these days, appreciates a LOT money 😛

  2. The Able Sisters’ back-story is so sad. 😦 Though I admit that after having several Animal Crossing towns and many different characters, I get tired of hearing it after a while. xP I remember all the stories, the pimple one, the “your eyes are like marbles” thing, Sable knitting Mabel gloves, etc. 😆

    I think there is some evidence to a Nook and Sable relationship. They were childhood friends but Sable doesn’t approve of how obsessed Nook is with money now and says he’s changed. And Nook’s talked about how much her encouragement when they were younger meant to him… aw, they should be friends again.

    I see Phyllis a lot at the Roost because of when I often played the game, wish I could see Resetti or Rover more often instead.

    • The back-story is pretty sad 😦 I wouldn’t imagine my life without someone raising me to be someone useful and to grow up as I should, at least Sable was pretty mature when her parents died and raised Mabel. I love hearing the gloves story, Sable knits some gloves for Mabel and she puts them in her ears 😆

      Nook and Sable, had or still have a bit of connection, even if it’s only friend connection and not really feeling 😛 And I agree that they should be friends again.

      Once more, same opinion you have: I would like to see Rover, Resetti or even Kapp’n more often instead of Phyllis, whom I see very often because of the usual times I play Animal Crossing.

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