The Turnip Trade: Chapter 5- by Jemmaa

The Turnip Trade: Chapter 5- By Jemmaa

Kiya: We’ve looked everywhere for Pascal, but he just doesn’t show up!

Rosie:  Where could he be? Didn’t he promise us he would come to Bellwood today?

Kiya: Yes, he did!  Let’s just have some coffee, I’m sure he’ll come later on!

*At The Roost*

Rosie and Kiya: Pascal!! And… Gracie?!

Pascal: Hey there, maaaan!

Gracie: You’re too late girls! I already gave my scallop to Pascal! Hahaha, I told you: “A Fashionista always gets what she wants!

Kiya: No, wait! How’d Gracie get a scallop?

Rosie: Who cares? Pascal we have another scallop!

Pascal: Two scallops? My, my. I have never been in a situation where two compete but only one can win… actually I’ll have both scallops! But I’ll only reward the cleverest.

Rosie: Kiya is clever! Kiya is very clever!

Gracie: Shut it, blue-cat!

Pascal: I shall test both of you!

Kiya: Great! I got an “A” in biology, and math, and Spanish, and English…

Gracie: WHAT? That’s not fear!

Pascal: True cleverness is not revealed in one grade, it’s revealed in the true emotions and in the tears of one.

Brewster: Alright, not that I was listening the hole time but should I have understood that?

Rosie: I didn’t understand it either… But anyway, Kiya is super clever, she’s a… a… she’s a clever-ista!

Brewster: Yeah… Neither did I understand that…

Pascal: Are you ready for the test?

Kiya and Gracie: Yes!

Pascal: Here it goes maaaan:

“The sea reveals only the treasures he stole from you when you are honest, and honestly is always the best policy… So you better be ready maaaan, here’s the question:

What has the sea stolen from you?

A)     A golden Axe

B)      A 100,000 bells

C)      Nothing of those 2 things”

If you answer correctly you will be rewarded with your lost treasure. Alright maaaan??

Gracie: Really? That’s easy! Pascal, I lost my golden axe.

Kiya: Well, I guess the sea hasn’t stolen anything from me, so he doesn’t have to give anything back…

Pascal: Congrats maaan! You shall be rewarded with the golden axe!

Kiya: *sight* Well… at least we tried!

Gracie: YES! I knew it, I knew it! I always knew-

Pascal: No, no, no! The other maaan one, Kiya I believe is your name right?

Rosie: Yay Kiya! You did it!

Kiya: Really? Thank you so much Pascal!

Gracie: Ugh! This can’t be! *She leaves the café*

Pascal: Maaan, I’m going to the beach to dive into the sea and await a new adventure…

Rosie: We did it! We have the golden axe… Now we’ll have to check the acwwbook golden tools guide to find out what it does!


This story is dedicated to Kiya, as a present for wining 3rd prize in one of my contests. Thank you for all your support Kiya!


4 thoughts on “The Turnip Trade: Chapter 5- by Jemmaa

  1. Congratulations on finishing the story!! 😀 This has been going on for quite a while so it must feel good to have it completed. Good job with it, I liked the cleverness test. 😛

    Though I thought I won that contest? 😛 Kiya didn’t enter, but she had a good idea for it, a train station themed town hall.

    • Thanks Amy, it does feel good to have finished the story! 😛

      You won first prize and Kammile won second, but Kiya was working hard on it but I finished the contest before she could submit her entry so I decided to give her a non-wifi prize (as she doesn’t wifi) anyway. But I’ll edit the dedication for no further confusions about this 🙂

  2. Wow, Awesome Ending!

    I was really intrigued with this line!
    Pascal: True cleverness is not revealed in one grade, it’s revealed in the true emotions and in the tears of one.

    You may become a story writer soon. 😆

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