Chapter 2: Holidays at my town

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Holidays at my town. By Jemmaa

The next day, Christmas day, I was woken up by someone knocking on my door. I looked at the clock, and saw it was barely 5:30 am, that made me even more tired and made me wanna go back to bed and just ignore the knocking on my front door.

“Ehem, maim, I have got mail for you” Spoke a voice.

“I’ll be down in a minute!” I shouted in reply.

I was to tired to even throw on the light switch or to even shout again to tell the person at my door to go away and leave the mail beside my doormat. But I decided to go downstairs to open the door when I heard another shout.

“Maim, I’ve got work to do so if you would please come down and open the door.” The man said with a firm voice.

You could notice by his tone that he was getting angry, and he really just wanted to go away, almost as much as I wanted him to leave. Finally removed slowly the blanket I had on top of me, put my slippers on and started walking down the stairs. When I got to my living room I moved slowly towards the door, turned the door lock and opened the door, it was my neighbor Hopper, for some reason Pete, the mail deliverer, always gave to Hopper my mail letters, and Hopper would always read them, and wake up super early the next day to give them to me, he would always laugh at the letters my mom sent to me and would go away hopping around back to his house screaming “Jemma is a baby, and she doesn’t have muscles!”, but today he didn’t laugh at the letter, nor did he run away hopping and shouting. This time I thought he actually had a tear in his eye, he just gave the letter to me.

“I’m sorry I read your letter, Jemma, I will try not to repeat that in the future” He said, looking at the ground.

“Fine… Do you want some coffee?” I spoke immediately regretting what I just said.

“Yes” He said nodding his head.

So Hopper came in and started to do his own coffee, while I read the letter.

Dear Jemma,

It’s Kiki, I really miss you a hole lot and hope you had a Merry Christmas, I would understand if you’re mad at me  for moving away or for not contacting with you these two years, so I also want to say that I’m sorry, and I hope this year’s present cheers you up a bit.

Margie sent a letter to me saying that this Christmas you had fun playing with the little kids, the same ones that used to come to our house on Christmas, right? I’m glad you had fun playing with them and that they cheered you up.

I can’t lie to you, it may sound crazy but you where the one that believed me whenever something crazy happened in my life so here it goes: Santa has sent me on a special mission this Christmas.

A tear drop came down my face and a curious feeling came to my thoughts. “What did Kiki mean, on a special mission?” “Why did she send a letter now, after two years?” “Did Santa Claus really send her on a special mission?” “Why her?” “Why did she tell this to me?”

But suddenly anger occupied my thoughts. “Did she keep in touch with Margie and not her best friend?” “Was I still her best friend?” “Where we ever best friends?”


8 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Holidays at my town

  1. Aww, this was sad, and I’m sorry that Kiki moved away. 😦 I guess that was probably an inspiration for this story? I’m curious to read the next part!

    • Yeah, Kiki was the inspiration for this story, I was mostly sad because I never got the picture of my favorite Animal Crossing neighbor 😦
      Glad you’re curious for reading the next part, I think the 3rd part will be the last, but who knows, I also thought the 2nd one would be the last.
      Thank you for following the story!

  2. Ooh, so many conflicting feelings in this story: sadness, curiosity, anger, suspense x3 But Kiki’s handwritten signature added an extra bit of warmth to all that, I think 🙂 That was a nice touch ^^

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