The Turnip Trade, Chapter 4 by Jemma

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The Turnip Trade, Chapter 4 by Jemma

Rosie: Now what? How can we get the mayor to give us a scallop?

Kiya: I believe he wants the massage chair, and as Gracie just said in her letter, Pascal will give to us the golden axe for the scallop, right?

Rosie: Yay! We’ve got everything planned out!

Kiya: That is true, unless Tortimer doesn’t give to us the scallop…

Rosie: What do you mean?

Kiya: Well, we know Tortimer wants the massage chair and Pascal wants the scallop, but we don’t know what Tortimer will give to us, it can be an acorn, his acorn mask…

Rosie: *Puts her hand in her ears* Lalala- I’m not listening! Tortimer is not Cornimer!

Kiya: Sure he isn’t Rosie, sure he isn’t…

Rosie: So what you’re saying is our plan can fail?

Kiya: Yes, I-

Rosie: Ugh! I hate it when you find errors in my plan!

Kiya: Your plan? Excuse me but I’m doing all the thinking here!

Rosie: Can’t I dream? But you’re right! *giggles* I’m more of a Fash-

Kiya: Don’t you dare say that word! Come on, let’s just go find the mayor!

Rosie: Yeah! Let’s go!

*At the Town Hall*

Pelly: Hello! How may I help you?

Rosie: We wish to speak to the mayor please!

Pelly: Oh, I’m sorry girls! The mayor is occupied, (very occupied), talking to someone about some golden thingy… The poor mayor is so confused I may have to prepare double hot soup tonight and sleep medicine *sight*

*In a room at the town hall they can hear…*


Tortimer: I-I’m so-sorry what? I don’t have a-a Doll Top! Unless it’s from a doll that massages my poor back…


Tortimer: I-I’m what? Listen m-maim I just want a massage chair for my poor back, and-


Tortimer:  What’s a Scrapot? And where’s my massage chair? *sight*

*Outside the room*

Rosie: We’ve got a massage chair!

Pelly: Oh! Really? Would you like to give it to Tortimer? I’ve got a Scallop if it could be of any interest for you…

Kiya: Sure! Here you go! Thank you so much!

*Gracie comes out of the room*

Gracie: Wait! NOOO! That’s my Scallop! Give it to me!

Tortimer: Pelly, dear, do we have a Dall Top?

Pelly: *Laughs* Don’t worry Tortimer, I’ve got your massage chair!

Tortimer: Go-ood! Now my poor itchy back will relax at la-last!

*Kiya and Rosie leave, pulling Gracie out too*

Rosie: OK! So we’ve got the Scallop, but we have another problem, where’s Pascal? And… we’re ahead of Gracie!

Kiya: That’s right! Yay Turnip Team!

Rosie: Hey, I know a better name: “Red Fashion Turnipistas!”

Kiya: Turnip-istas? *sight*


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16 thoughts on “The Turnip Trade, Chapter 4 by Jemma

  1. The dialogue in this is hilarious! 😆 And I felt a little suspense overhearing Gracie also trying to get the scallop before Rosie and Kiya even showed up, so that was well-written. This keeps getting better and better! 😀

    • Aww thank you Amy! You actually felt suspense? Wow! That’s great! 😀 I’m really glad you liked the story!
      And I’m sorry your comment went under moderation… I don’t know why wordpress unapproved it 😕

      • Yeah, I think it’s because I changed the email that goes with my comments when I realized it still showed the TwiskAC one. So because I changed my email, I count as two different commenters in everyone’s Site Stats? -_-

  2. Haha, Good Job on the story. 😀
    I actually taught Gracie’s gonna get it because Gracie was way ahead of Kiya and Rosie
    and already talking to Tortimer! 😯
    and it turned out fine in the end. 😛

    Your story is awesome Jemma! 😀
    You might get a job on writing scripts. xD

  3. Haha your stories are awesome!
    I really liked how Gracie was screaming at Tortimer and Tortimer had no clue what she was talking about… Dall Top… Doll Top…. So funny! 😛
    Keep up the good work Jemmaa! 😉

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