2 weeks

Not much to explain, just I will be completely innactive the following 2 weeks, it’s somekind of punishment for doing something I completely shouldn’t have done… >.<

Well, thank you for visiting my blog and if you see this post, I’m really sorry! Farewell… for two weeks! 😦

PS: I’m really sorry but this also means I won’t be able to comment nor visit any other blog 😥 I’m sorry Kammile, Amy, Emma, Jamie… for not being able to visit your blogs!


6 thoughts on “2 weeks

  1. We’ll miss you Jemma! I don’t know if you’ll see this comment, but we’ll be sure to welcome you with open arms when you return!!!

  2. Aah… Your on vacation! and… Katie’s on my town.. >_>
    And kaitlin to yours… again!! O__o
    Amy said she has kaitlin on her town with Katie on mine…
    but since i recently wi-fied with you, it get’s refreshed.
    Katie is still on my town and Kaitlin is in yours!! O___o
    Weird… I guess that’s how it works? 😆

    • not literally a vacation, because it’s a little punishment you think you’ll just do,
      I don’t think it’s necessary but i’m more extreme. I’ll ope my gates, You can come
      and whack me all you want. I’ll be sleeping so you can push me into a pitfall
      trap. 😆 That’s my extreme punishment for my self.

      When i visited Amy’s Town. I picked up a patter and i don’t have anything to
      punish myself,so, I pitfalled myself. 😆

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