The Turnip Trade, Chapter 3 by Jemma

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The Turnip Trade, Chapter 3

Kiya: *Bangs on Rosie’s house door* Rosie! Rosie, wake up! Wake up!

Rosie: Shut up! Let me sleep!

Kiya: Wow… Never saw you like that!

Rosie: That’s ’cause you don’t wake me up that early!

Kiya: Early? Really? Rosie it’s 2pm!

Rosie: *Opens house door* OK well then, let’s go!

Kiya: How’d you get dressed-? Never mind! There’s Saharah.

Rosie: Um… hello? Excuse-

Saharah: Oh my! Is that? It is! Is that a turban? Do you need it? I need it! Desert needs it! Oh my!

Kiya: Well, sure… here, take it!

Saharah: Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rosie: Hey wait! Now what? We need something in return (some piece of clothing if possible)

Saharah: Oh! Yes! There you go… a massage chair! But if you want clothes…

Kiya: No! This is perfect! *Whispers to Rosie: Golden Axe, Gracie, item trading. Remember?*

Rosie: Oh, yeah, right! (at least I get a free massage!)

Kiya: So, Saharah, who would trade a massage chair for a golden axe?

Saharah: I’m not sure if he would give to you a golden axe, but Mr. Tortimer would probably give big things to have a massage for his poor back.

Kiya: That’s great! Thank you Saharah!

Saharah: Oh! Wait! A funky giraffe who I believed was named Gracie gave a little note for me to deliver to Kiya? So there you go little one!

Rosie: Hurry up! Open it! Let’s see what it says…

Dear Kiya,

I knew you would arrive this far! Not even I can deny that you’re very smart, but what you need it sharpness! Something only a true Fashionista has!

See you with someone I will not tell you! Muahaha!

PS: Even when you receive the Scallop, Pascal only gives real golden axe’s to Sharp people!


9 thoughts on “The Turnip Trade, Chapter 3 by Jemma

  1. Haha! I knew Gracie was evil. I payed her 10000 bells and all I got was a green tie dye shirt. What a rip off!

    Keep it up Jemma 😉

    • Thank you Kiya! I’m glad you like the story! I mean, it is dedicated to you! 😉 And yes, Gracie is evil! I got ripped off so many times… But now she’s the stupid character in my story 👿

  2. Love the story! 😀 You always do a great job with Rosie’s and Kiya’s dialogue, and next time I think you’ll have fun doing Tortimer’s. 😛

    • Awww! Thanks Amy! That’s so sweet of you! I already did Tortimer’s (on draft) but he won’t say that much, although I hope you enjoy the few lines he has in the story! But it was just a draft so maybe I make him say more! After seeing you and Kammile want to read his lines 😛

      • haha, That’s why i like old people, They keep asking for simple things, Like.
        Hey.. Could you help me stand up? My back’s all cracked up. 😆

        You know, You really did a great job so far.
        I’m really impressed.

  3. You know, If Pascal only gives out the Golden Axe to Sharp PEOPLE,
    Why would she give it to Gracie? (I accidentally put Gravy on Gracie’s name when typing
    that. 😳 ) She’s not even a Person? 😆
    Haha, Only trying to be specific. Didn’t mean to change the story line,
    Just do what you please. 😛

    • Hahaha! That’s true! But you know, only Gracie said that, and as you very wisely said, she’s not even a person! 😆 And she’s not under any circumstances sharp! 😛

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