Album Trailer!

Problem solved!!! Here you have 2 types of trailers:

Image Trailer…


Pro’s        Cons
Clean design       Less quality
Only important scenes shown       More space needed

Video Trailer…

Pro’s        Cons
Less space needed       Youtube hosting
Better quality       More scenes shown

Well so there you have it! The video trailer and the image trailer! 😛 I hope you like both, and you’re looking forwards to the Album as much as I am! The video shows the exact same “important scenes” as the image trailer does but it has a bit more text to it, such as Publicity 😆 , an introduction, the credits…

And just in case you didn’t realize… I changed my background! It looks a bit like Kammile’s one (click on her name to see the background in her blog) but I had no intention to copy, Kammile, if you think this background looks too much as yours it would be my pleasure to change it, I’m really sorry if it looks to much like yours!

Thank you all for reading this!!!

PS: I believe this will be the last post about the Album I will do, except for another post about the acwwbook Album when it is released! Sorry for these “not interesting” posts 😕 I hope you still like my blog! 😛


30 thoughts on “Album Trailer!

  1. I’m looking forward to both seeing the content of the album and seeing how the album will be made! 😀
    Isn’t this blog’s photo album section amazing? I love how you can click on the page tab and it doesn’t direct you to another site; all the albums are listed there and you can click on them to view the individual photos. I tried it for a WordPress page after registering on and creating an album there, but WordPress didn’t accept the embedding code since it’s javascript. >_< Oh well, it's back to uploading pictures to Flickr instead. Which I've been planning to do for a long time (I've had my AC Flickr for a month or so now), I promise I'm not just jumping on the photo album bandwagon here xD

    • Oh wow! That Album is amazing! I’m planning on doing a video Album, so it’s more realistic, I’ve put effects on it with a Video Program so that it looks like it’s an actual book and you’re turning the pages! 😛
      But I sure wish that code worked with WordPress 😦 Then it would be a REAL online Album…
      Anyway, thanks for the nice compliment Amy! I always love your comments!!!

      • That’s a really creative way of making a photo album! And the way your video will look as though it’s flipping through pages goes so well with your blog name. 😛

        I know, I wish javascript worked with WordPress, too. 😦 Going by this WordPress support page, there might be a way, but it’s all way over my head. 😆

        • Thanks! And that support page you just linked to your comment would have been very useful… if I understood a word it was saying! 😆 Sorry, my technology knowings are very limited 😕

      • haha yeah, same here! I went to the “Javascript in Posts” section because that was what I was looking for, and the way they explained things was so matter-of-fact as if it was easy and obvious, but not to me. 😛

  2. You know, I like your new Back ground! ^^ It’s been a while since i commented (probably just publicly) I hope your not angry at me at the last comment. 😳
    I guess i was a bit cranky? 😆

    Well,I love your new background and it’s sparkly! 😀

    • Aww! Don’t worry Kammile! You weren’t cranky at all, I’m just happy we didn’t get in a fight! 😀 Thank you for telling the truth and not getting mad at me!
      And I’m glad you like the background! 😛 😛

  3. Wow! I love your post! Can’t wait for the Album to come out, and I believe I subscribed to your blog… ❓ Please tell me so if I didn’t! I reaaaaally wanna see those pics! I’ve been following your blog for a few days, just I didn’t know how to comment… 😳 And now I even know how to place smileys in your comment! Great! 😀
    PS: When are your gonna post part 3 of the Turnip Trade story??? No hurries just, I’m excited to read more!

    • Awww! Thank you Kat-Treena! btw fancy way to write Katrina! 😆
      And yes, you did subscribe to my blog, don’t worry Kat-Treena! And I’m glad you learned how to comment! ‘Cause now you I’ll have more comments on my blog! And they’ll be from new people! 😛
      Do you have acww?
      And I’m planing on posting the story this weekend or maybe (just maybe) tomorrow, but don’t get your hopes up, there’s like the 1% of a chance I post it tomorrow 😳

  4. Yay! I subscribed! 😆 And yes, I do have acww, just no WiFi 😥 Oh well, I can still enjoy acww blogs! And I have a lot of friends that play too so we just Ds to Ds each other! 😆
    Oh and btw Kat-Treena IS “my” way of spelling my name, meaning you can call me Kat or Treena 😀 It’s also a fancy way to spell the boring Katrina name -.-

    • Nah! Your name’s not boring at all! I love the name Katrina! And especially the creativity you had to spell it! 😛
      And I’m sorry we can’t WiFi… 😦 I’m always looking forwards to meeting new people! But I’m glad you have a few friends to Ds to DS with! 😉

  5. Hi, I’m sorry, I haven’t been active to your blog much. 😆
    Would you like to wi-fi today? (or tomorrow. xP)
    I’m pretty much bored but after a grief wi-fi meeting with Violet/Amy again. (i hope)
    I think i won’t be. 😀

    I have a new chatter on my blog,Cuteness Bread, I’m inviting her to chat with me,
    She loves spongebob, xD lol, We’re setting up a chat meeting later.
    If you want you can go too. 😀 at maybe 3 PM, My time?
    It’ll be 9 AM, Your time. 🙂
    See ya there!

    • Sorry, if you meant today I already missed chatting with you 😳 and I would love to WiFi! But it would have o be on Saturday? ‘Cause today and tomorrow I’m gonna be pretty busy! Thanks for not forgetting to comment on my blog! 😆
      Hope we can WiFi!!! 😀

    • Sure! Maybe you could join us in this Saturday! Kammile will maybe be there (as she still didn’t say she would) and maybe you could join in! 😆
      But it’s still not very clear… I’ll try to re-reply your comment later on telling you the plan and if you can come! Hopes up!

  6. I’d like to WiFi with you sometime, too! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?
    I’m still getting my town in order xP, but I’d be happy to have you over when I’m done. How is your path coming along?

    • Of course! Although I believe you should ask Kammile, as you couldn’t come to my town, under construction too! 😳
      I finished placing my path around the important places, but I can’t seam to connect them! I really gotta get working on that gridded map… 😛

  7. Ooh, can’t wait to see what it looks like finished. 😀
    If you have MS Paint, the standard eraser tool is the perfect size for marking squares where paths can go:

    • Oh! That’s great Amy! You even made an example for me! That’s just great! Thank you so much! And yes, I do have Paint MS! 😉
      I hope I can finish the path soon!

  8. Jemmaa, do you live on the west or the east coast of the united states?
    And also: you can come over to my town if no one else can be host 😀

  9. You see, I live in Sweden. So you are 6 respectively 9 hours of my watch.
    So when it’s nine in the morning to you, is 6 o’clock in the evening. (or 3 in the day)
    So we need to specify a time that suits us both. Sorry it was a bit much!
    But try to find a good time that suits us both 😉

  10. Haha, I can’t wait for the wi-fi session. xP
    So, If it’s 9 in the morning for you, That means it’s 3 PM, My time…
    Great! I think it’ll be a great time for everyone!
    but for Amy, It’ll be 3 AM, Her time! 😯
    Well, I *think* it’ll be ok for her, since she stays up late at night. 🙂

  11. I’m looking for open gates, Are you gonna open or someone is?
    My town is fixed now, It can now be seen, Would you rather go to my town? 🙂

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