Re-blog: AC Project

Another project!!! Do you remember Mayu’s project? Well now a similar project is coming to my blog too! It’s similar but made for all AC blogs to come back and it’s created by Kammile! Here’s the information about it:

Project AC – Bring back the AC Past!

Actually, I’m getting kinda sad lately…

I’ve been searching Animal Crossing Blogs, Yes, I seen a lot of them!
Such awesome blogs! that… we’re abandoned… :cry:

I don’t know why but i feel depressed when i see someone abandon
a game and his/her blog… As i said, I REALLY don’t know why…

I haven’t met these persons yet…
They all have such awesome blogs,open in the wild though…
It was still abandoned by their rightful owners…

That’s why i’m opening this Project, Project AC:Bring back the AC Past!

I ask of you, Spread this project (and Kiya’s Project too! Bring Mayu back also!)
on popular websites of AC, fan pages of AC!  and the most popular one!
ACC (Animal Crossing Community)

People around the world go to this site, Billions of AC players! Everywhere!
That person might be on your neighborhood right now! :lol:

All i wanted to say is… Please spread this post to make our beloved bloggers,AC players
come alive once again, I miss it all! I miss the activeness! >_< I also miss playing!

Thank you for reading!

~❤~❤~❤~❤~❤~❤~❤~❤~❤~❤A bit more news~❤~❤~❤~❤~❤~❤~❤~❤~❤~

New story is already published! If you still haven’t read it you can do so here:


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