More news please!

More news… (2nd update) Well so I don’t have a lot of time before I leave and go someplace 😆 but I can assure to you this: There will be a new post really soon (I hope 😛 ) And my AC Story is coming closer and closer… So I decided to give an update of it, but to make sure I don’t say to much I will use a code for words I must not say:

Kiya and Rosie are best friends, There adventure starts when Kiya wins a big prize! At least she wins a prize that someone would exchange for the unbreakable and unique .-_-.  …The problem is -.-.- wants that prize for his/her self!

Will Kiya discover the big prize? Will -.-.- be too much competition for Kiya? Does that prize even exist or is it just a rumor? Who knows… Oh wait! I do! 😛 And you will too! Just be patient!

More news… (update) Amy from has a present for me!!! It’s hole new rating for my blog!!! As I had some time figuring out how to edit it and how to actually make it work 😆 She made a hole new one for me!!! So here it is:

 This is my new rating! You can see how it actually appears visiting any page of my blog!

How to do a rating? Well it’s easy! Just get the image you want to substitute the yellow star, next to it put the image in another color (that’s the color that will appear whenever you role your mouse on top of the rating image), bellow you put the image that will substitute the half yellow star (in the original color and other color) and bellow you put the image that will appear when there’s no rating or the image that will substitute the “no star” image 😛 Then you just put the link of the image and presto! You’ve got a perfect rating! I hope this helped!

Nero rating mode: Here’s an example of what a Nero rating could look like:

 Nero rating has a bit of changes when it comes to how it works:

1st column } 1st pic The picture that appears as the “good rating”, 2nd pic Unknown use 3rd pic Pic that will show up until the mouse is rolled over the rating picture. 2nd column } 1st pic The picture that appears as the “bad rating”, 2nd pic Unknown use, 3rd pic Pic that will show up until the mouse is rolled over the rating picture.

How do I access the rating mode? Just go to your blog dashboard and go to “ratings > all ratings” Select pages, posts or comments (where your rating will appear) and select “advanced settings” There you will find a simple way to update your rating! 😉

More news… I’m working on Kiya’s story as a reward for her enthusiastic attitude respect my contest! Thank you Kiya! Today, she may eliminate her blog, as she says in this post: (btw I copied and pasted this instead of giving you the link to her blog as, by the time you wanna read the original post the blog may be deleted)

I’m sorry to say this but…

ACWWAmerica is going to be deleted!

In case you didn’t know, my newest blog is Newfyworld. I also have a website with a blog, which is ChaChaChihuahua.

ACWWA is my 2nd of 3rd website. Unfortunately, I can only manage two sites at once so I have decided this is the one to go.

Please understand that if I don’t, then somebody else in my family will take over ChaChaChihuahua and I won’t have it anymore. I’ve put hours upon hours on ChaChaChihuahua and have many deals with other companies and website owners that I have worked on and I love Newfyworld because of the extremely simple and humorous language I can use since I help my puppy write his blog.

I will continue to follow all my favorite Animal Crossing blogs, don’t worry!

If you’ve read this post, its because I have not yet clicked the delete confirmation link in my email.

So upon this final sentence, I close this blog.

We will all miss your posts Kiya! And back talking about the story, I will post it, like I did with my first one, in a post categorized as “AC Stories” and it will be divided in chapters, Stay tuned to the future post for it!

More news… I was having a conversation with Kammile, Emma and Amy about the Red Ridding Hoody, yes you read right! It’s a red riding hood themed dress for ACWW and apparently also AC 3DS, here is a picture of the dress:

More news… I will probably post something soon about another delivery :mrgreen: and I hope to have time to update my pattern page soon and to fulfill more pattern requests!

More news… Here I have some pics of rich days in ACWW I ended up not buyng those items as I know have ordered some threw a giveaway! You’ll know what I’m talking about as soon as you see the pics:

  Throne price is 800,000 bells and the Royal Crown price is 1,200,000 bells. Think twice before buying them!

More news… I’m gonna start school soon so posts won’t be coming in so often and the story may come with a bit of time. I will try my best to stay posting as often as I can (but I have to have a subject to talk about 😆 ) and if I don’t have the time to post I will at least comment as much as I can!!! Summer is practically over but so I hope you had a wonderful vacation and enjoyed the hot weather!


16 thoughts on “More news please!

  1. I’ll miss Kiya’s blog, too. 😦 And temporarily, Kammile’s blog. 😛
    I especially agree about the throne, I’ve gotten two for free from Wishy the Star and one from the recycling bin!

    • I’m gonna miss them too! 😦 And I also agree with my self :mrgreen: There are so many other ways to get one, but especially YOU are lucky! I never had Wishy the Star to send me a letter 😦 Every time I see a shooting star I press (A) with something in hands!! better luck to me in the future 😆 and good luck to everyone with Wishy the Star! XD

  2. Great post! It’s like if acwwbook would have become a temporary newspaper 😆
    It’s always sad to see when blogs go, close, get deleted or get abandoned… I hope the best for Kiya!
    I think this has been one of your greatest posts, I really liked how you managed to organize everything and put so many news in one post! Great job!!!

  3. Thank You for telling! since my blog is closed and if i update,you won’t see it 😛
    Thanks! ^-^ hopefully my delivery is here! i ordered hybrids,if you want one,just tell 😉

    • You’re welcome! Good luck with your delivery and I see you have a lot of questions, just ask the same deliverer! They’re very nice (that’s kinda they’re job 😛 ) They will be happy to answer you!
      I’ll send you an e-mail! don’t worry everything is fine!

  4. PSST!!!
    I’m also giving away 3 red riding hoodies,since i already got 3 months ago =___=
    and for people who want it,like Emma 😉 can be given to them,for free! 😀
    (1 riding hoody for each player! 😀 )

  5. Wow, it’s great that you posted an easy guide for ratings! Especially because I didn’t think it was obvious how to do custom half star images and such. 😕 Eventually I figured out how to do it after seeing this support page and I couldn’t resist adding ratings to my blog because I thought balloons would be cute. 😛

  6. The hover (the things that you put on the right) is optional and is NOT supposed to be required. 🙂
    But if you want,hey! no one’s stopping you! xD Love the new ratings…
    You’ll a receive a private message from me in 3…2…1…GOOO!!!

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