Rover, WiFi and fun!

Hey there! Today I’m gonna experiment a new way of posting photos, wish me luck!

The firsts pictures: Updates of -The Roost-

Second pictures: A rainy day in usa

Other pictures: My WiFi with Kammile and her magnificent formal dress (the one in white with the rose)

Last pictures: Designs, museum almost completed and more.

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6 thoughts on “Rover, WiFi and fun!

      • I guess I only ever see Pelly and Phyllis because I tend to remember to check the Roost when I’m up early playing or up late at night playing. 😛 Oh, and I’ve seen Kapp’n as well, but he’s pretty annoying. 😛 I would love to see Rover or Resetti; it would be weird seeing him lounging instead of shouting. xD

        I agree with Kammile, I love that path pattern! It looks like it was maybe meant to a running track with those arrows. Pretty dress, too 🙂

  1. I already tried that with Elmer! 😆 He was having fleas and her catch phrase was…”Itchy!” 😆 I didn’t wanna catch it,it’s nice to see him keep changing catch phrases 😆
    I really like those green paths 😉 You should put them as paths on your town! 😀
    Its gonna be a nice touch to your town! 😉 Ill be checking your pattern page… 😛

    • Great 😉 When Pate had fleas his catch phrase was “Itchy!” too 😆 So I got mad at him ’cause he wouldn’t tell me to change the catch phrase and hit him with my net and all I got was a flea and a happy Pate 😛

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