BFF Party!

Here is my WiFi party in Daffdilly, the town of Amy (Twisk in ACWW) with Kammile, Amy and Teru (Rain in ACWW) We had a lot of fun and Amy gave us a lot of furniture (from the treasure hunt) and gave us all presents for coming, she was so generous!

Dafdilly Town Map… Options: Enter, Do not enter

Click enter and… Wow! Such colorful paths!

Hello there Kammile! Nice to meet you Amy! I was a bit late… Sorry 😛

 I came prepared… I had my party dress ready! Woot woot! But no net… So I bot one at Nookingtoons 😀

 Friend pic!

Now I AM ready 😈

 Net fight! Oh hi Teru (Rain) ! More net fight!

 Ohh Teru is mean! But not worse than me! (ehem) I mean my evil sister 🙄

 Kammile asleep… You know what to do right girls?

 Hit her!!! Bam! Wack! Hey! NOT hit me!!! Bam, bam!

Woow! She’s harmless! She won’t even wake up!?!

Then I fell in a pitfall… It’s not funny!

2nd pic: ©Amy

And we had a glitch… I couldn’t get out of the pitfall!?! But on my screen I was fine… and talking! But on there screen I was a talking-pitfaller XD 1st pic: My screen 2nd pic: Amy’s, Kammile’s and Rain’s screen. So I went in and out a store and problem solved!

 Amy takes us to a secret place…


 To put on some clothes! Guess who’s me? Well… I don’t know! XD

 Fruit eating contest! Yum, yum…

 TrEaSuRe HuNt YAY!

 After the treasure hunt we went to the beach!

 And did a few BFF pics 😛

 And some BFF fun 😀

More fun! (sorry for cutting your body Rain 😦 )

 Me and Amy (Twisk)

 Now you know why this post is called BFF party right?

 <—- Mr. Scallop wasn’t invited to this party.

 Then we played a game of Hide ‘n’ Seek

But before we had a “I want to save” fight XD

My hiding place, it was recommended by agent .S.

Obviously he wasn’t an agent ’cause they found me!

 We headed to the town hall and got LOTS of presents from Amy, each one of us got: a piece of clothing, a hat, a gyroid and a bad of 99,000 bells :O

 Then we all said goodbye to a great wifi party, so generous of Amy!

Then I visited Starcity, and Kammile gave me a golden can and I gave her 10,000 bells.

And that was it for today! I had great fun! Hope we can do this again sometime!


6 thoughts on “BFF Party!

  1. Great pictures Jemma! Thanks for coming. 😀
    It’s interesting seeing your side of the story with the glitched pitfall! That must have been confusing for you, being out of the pitfall on your screen but hearing the rest of us say you were still struggling! But you knew what to do to fix it. 🙂

  2. Well I always have been smart with computers XD Actually it was very confusing seeing you all in one circle saying what’s up with jemma? When I heard someone saying “What’s up with jemma” I thought you were insulting me XD Then I started talking and that time I’m sure you were confused… At first I didn’t know what to do and then 💡 I’ll go in the Able Sisters 💡 Hehe it actually wasn’t me being smart or thinking, I was just lucky to see the Able Sister shop XD And then it happened with Kammile :O I hope you don’t mind I toke that picture I guess I should have asked you before but I was soooo busy doing this post…
    PS: Thank you for your tips on acc Amy!

    • I wouldn’t have thought of that as quickly as you did! I would have been so confused. 😛
      I don’t mind you using my picture at all; it’s really cool seeing those two pictures side by side!
      No problem, I just thought we could help each other out. xD The “ACC FAQ” link on the left sidebar is pretty helpful.

  3. “Guess who’s me? Well… I don’t know! XD” Hahaha! That’s exactly what I thought when I looked at my version of the picture! 😛

    Wow, everybody’s posted. I hope I can get my pictures up soon! >_<

    • Hehehe well I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment it was under moderation 😯 I guess it’s the first time you commented on my blog so… Thank you XD Yeah well Teru you better hurry up on posting those pics! XD

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