Photos are back!

Hey there! I have great news! I found the photos I was talking about in my post “Opps! My bad! :(” Well so these are it! Get ready there’s tons of them to guide you threw my 2 week vacation.

There where so many photos that I just posted them in a gallery. Enjoy the photos and Click on the picture if you want to see it bigger!


Attention: There is a pattern picture in this gallery and will be posted in the pattern page in the future. Feel free to copy ONLY the pattern.


  1. PoliceTown Flag for Dragon4ever (requested by e-mail) Change to palette 7/16 when your finished.


PS: New biographies of my characters are in my “my acww characters” page, visit them if you’d like 😉







5 thoughts on “Photos are back!

  1. OMG,Pierce!! 😀 after the wi-fi session,can i go to your town? i wanna greet him :mrgreen:
    (like i surprisingly greeted Lobo at Dafdilly 🙂 )

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