Grey= Instructions. Automatic= The story.

Animal Crossing Wild World (Based on which game?), By Ariadna (me) (Your name or the name of the witter if it wasn’t you) , A dialog comedy AC Story. (And the type of story) <This is what you have to put before each story.

CHAPTER  1: PHYLLIS’ CRIME <The number of chapter and name

Timmy:  Uncle Tom! <The story

Tommy & Timmy (T&T): We’re bored!

Tom Nook (TN): Well this is a shop, not a game… You’re working!

Tommy: But-

TN: No buts!

Harriet: They’re just bored ‘cuz no one comes in at lunch time!

TN: Oh alright! Go plant these flowers outside.

Harriet: TOM!

TN: Fine, fine, go play outside but don’t cross the river!

T&T: Great! Thanks!

(T&T are playing outside)

Timmy: Shhh Look!

Phyllis: I’m tired of taking out garbage! Ughhh I’m gonna go to The Roost

Tommy: Let’s follow her!

Timmy: OK but The Roost is on the other side of the river.

Tommy: Relax! Follow me!

At The Roost-

Brewster: Good afternoon, coffee? 200 bells please.

-She gives the money to him-

Brewster: …Thanks

Phyllis: Just hurry up! … And don’t waste time checking the money!

Brewster: …Sure

Timmy: Fake money!

Tommy: How do you know?

Timmy: …Nook’s lesson!

Tommy: What do we do? Call Cooper? Brewster? The town hall?

Timmy: But then Nook will know we were here!

Tommy: Jmmm…



-Sable enters The Roost-

Sable: Good afternoon Brewster! Nice to see you Phyllis

Brewster: Good after-

Phyllis: Just shut it and make that coffee!

Sable: Some one’s in a bad mood… As always.

Phyllis: Did you say something?

Sable: No, nothing.

-Brewster smiles-

-At The Town Hall-

T&T: Phyllis is a thief!

Pelly: (Laughs) you’re such jokers!

Timmy: But…

Tommy: It’s true!

Pelly: Please guys I gotta work!

T&T: But-

-A guardian comes and pushes them to the door-

Pelly: Tell Nook and Harriet I said hi!


T&T: Now what?

Tommy: Let’s go back to Uncle Nook and tell him.

-At Nookingtoons-

T&T: Phyllis is a thief!

Harriet and Nook: Hahaha! Such jokers they are!

T&T: But-

Nook: Come on play time’s over go back to work.

-Back at The Roost-

Phyllis: Would you shut up Sable?

Sable: (Ignoring Phyllis ) And then my sister put the gloves on her ears!

Brewster: (both laugh) Such childhood you have Sable!

Phyllis: (Spills coffee on Sable) Ups! I’m so not sorry!

Sable: How could you! I spent all say sawing this dress!

-Phyllis leaves The Roost-

-Sable runs after her-


-At the Able Sisters-

Sable: Ughh I hate Phyllis!

Mable: Hello to you too Sis!

Sable: Look at my dress!

Mable: Oh well, we have one that looks like that one in storage…

Sable: Yeah, Thanks Sis.

Mable: You’re welcome.

-At Nookingtoons-

Tommy: What to do, what to do…

Timmy: I know!

Tommy: What?

Timmy: Mable always use to believe us when we were in trouble and we blamed Nook, Right?

Tommy: Right… So we should tell her! Plus Sable was at the café and she saw Phyllis in a bad mood!

Timmy: Right then…

Tommy: Let’s go!

-At the first floor of Nookingtoons (where Tom is)-

Tom on the telephone: Yes, we will deliver your regal desk tomorrow, thank you for shopping with us.

Timmy: Hurry!

-They leave the shop-


-At the Able Sisters-

Mable: Welcome to the- Timmy? Tommy?

T&T: Hello Mable, hello Sable!

Timmy: Please believe us!

Sable: Umm, yes of course what is it?

Tommy: It’s Phyllis!

Mable: Yes, we know .

T&T: You do?

Sable: Yes of course, she owes me a dress.

Timmy: Well, no.

Mable: No?

Tommy: She’s a thief! She gave fake money to Brewster!

T&T: We saw it!

Able Sisters: (gasp) what the? Are you sure?

Timmy: Definitely!

Sable: But that can’t be!

Mable: Right!

Tommy: Come with us! We have to tell Brewster!

Mable: Well then let’s go!

-At the café-


T&T: Brewster!

Brewster: For the last time Timmy and Tommy, NO, you can NOT drink coffee!

Mable: Please check the latest 200 bells Phyllis gave you.

Brewster: What for? I have work to do Mable.

Sable: Please just do it

-Brewster checks the money-

T,T & Able sisters: Well?

Brewster: Well what? This seems fine.

Timmy: Really?

Brewster: No offense but I do have work to do.

Sable: Guys I can’t smell fake money and I run a shop too.

Tommy: But Timmy smelled it!

Mable: Wait, Timmy? Sable didn’t Nook tell us that Timmy seemed to confuse the smell of coffee and fake money?

Sable: Yes, he did Mable

Tommy: Yeah that’s right! You’re like our mom! Your nose isn’t very… good.

Timmy: Ups, my bad!

Brewster: As interesting as this is I do have orders I have to complete.

Sable: Our bad Brewster, we’re sorry!

Brewster: … Thanks’, come back after 9 o’clock to see K.K perform.

Mable: Come on guys you’re in big trouble!

T&T: Oh oh!


-Phyllis enters the café-

What’s all these people doing here?! Ugh I’ll just go to work without my daily coffee. Oh wait! You guys could just LEAVE!

Sable: Sure, come on guys time to take you to Tom Nook.

T&T: But-

Mable and Sable: (laugh) NO!

Phyllis: Go on, go on! My usual coffee.

Brewster: Don’t give me fake money!

Phyllis: …Sure

Brewster: (laughs) 200 bells.

-Gives him the money-

Phyllis: When does K.K play here again?

Brewster: Saturday

Phyllis: Right, just the days I don’t have time to come get my daily coffee

Brewster: …Right

Phyllis: What?

-Brewster laughs-

Phyllis: WHAT?

Brewster: I’ve had a funny day!

Phyllis: So? I don’t care!

-Brewster laughs even harder-

Phyllis: Ugh! This is worse than work!

-Leaves the café-

-At Nookingtoons-

Nook: You did what? Tomorrow no playing!

T&T: But-

-Harriet laughs-

Nook: Upstairs!  NOW

T&T: Yes, Uncle Tom.

Nook: What did I tell you? When I’m mad it’s Mr. Nook or Tom Nook.

T&T: Sure… Tom Nook.

Harriet laughs and returns to Shampoodle-

THE END <The end XD

An interesting day for Timmy and Tommy huh? Too bad they ended up grounded! =) <A last note if you want. Like a PS but in a story.

Each type of story is different but I expect you to know what each of them are… So I didn’t put any instruction notes about the dialog, but you can see that names and actions are in Black. Just make the story easy to read. See also the FAQ, in this same category XD


18 thoughts on “Example

    • i just can’t believe that tommy and timmy’s uncle is…uh…NOOK!! xD lol it’s just fiction…right? …8O

      • I actually read it in the animal crossing wikia:
        Tom Nook (たぬきち, Tanukichi) owns the town shop. After the player buys or sells certain amounts of money in his shop he will expand his shop, after which a larger range of items will be available to the player each day. After the final expansion, Nookington’s department store, if playing Wild World, he will employ Harriet, who runs the hair salon, Shampoodle, and Timmy and Tommy, his nephews, in every Animal Crossing series game, who work on the second floor. His birthday is believed to be on July 28th. Although he appears to be a raccoon, he is actually a tanuki. He is referred to as a raccoon in the U.S. version and a tanuki in the Japanese version. (from the animal crossing wikia)

  1. XD Well it is the Wiki…
    But I was worse I tough that Nook was married to Harriet and Timmy and Tommy were there sons XD But I didn’t have to wait 9 months for Nookingtoons to appear… XD
    Well anyway it is Fiction so if it’s not true DON’T BLAME MEEEE!!!

  2. Hello~

    I quit my blog.. you weren’t alarmed? xD
    and i have a new blog now but i don’t wanna make a big fuss about it. i’ll send you the link via P-M

    • Aww no! I didn’t realize the post… Oh why? I’m so worried, are you okay? Did something happen? Why’d you quit? I’ll check the new link, and comment soon but why’d you quit the old blog? 😦

      Sorry, don’t wanna pressure you, I’m just sad, and a little “off” right now. Hope everything is great, remember, any decision you make I will respect and support!

      • o3o… a simple blog transfer..everything’s ok and i deleted the kamacjournal, you can check the P****** Message now. xD

        • btw, someone was posting hater comments and with some people giving me too much pressure to wi-fi and do other stuff… 😥 with the.. “PLEAAASSE.. WI-FI WITH ME.”


          • Aww, I don’t like hater comments, they’re usually so rude, I got a few of those (I just unaprove them) but I lately don’t stop getting hater e-mails, they really upset me saying I should quit blogging, I will regret it if I don’t make him an administrator of my blog 😦 But I found a way to make them all go to my Spam folder.

            • aww.. so we do have the same problem? 😦

              those things jut break me to pieces… i hate how they give threats just to do something big for them.. the hell would you make him an Admin. ? -_- what did he do good or amazing to you or your blog? this is the internet… you won’t get physical harm and don’t accept anything he gives or click some link on emails, you might go to a place where it automatically downloads bad stuff on your computer.. like .. viruses. @_@

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