I’ve been receiving a lot of question about this New Category so I’ve done a FAQ about it:

What does FAQ mean?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Category?

Make sure your at the Home page (acwwbook.wordpress.com) and scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see:


  1. AC Stories          
  2. Uncategorized
  3. WiFi meetings

Click on AC Stories and you’ll find all the posts I categorized as AC Stories.

Will the stories be divided in parts?

Yes, but instead of each part a post, like Mayu did, I’m gonna just edit the post to add a new part of the story, so it’s easier to look for the hole story. But you’ll have to check each story regularly.

Where do I send my story?

Send it to: acwwbook@gmail.com with the subject: AC Story

How long can a story be?

From 1 to 5 chapters if they’re long OR from 5 to 10 if they’re short. I will not actually count them but just try the story not to be very long or very short. I will soon post an example story called “A Timmy and Tommy adventure.”

How long can a chapter/part be?

As long or short as you want. You don’t have to do chapters, just a story and if it doesn’t have chapters I’ll just divide the story randomly.

What types of stories can I do?

I guess any type… But it has to be related to Animal Crossing (not actually related just with the places, characters…) And if you meant what type as: a dialog, narrative… again, any type.

Can I do a story without the AC characters or places?

The answer to that would be no, I’m sorry but this is an AC blog. What you could do is, do a story about a wifi meeting and something happens there with your town neighbors and friends (or other characters that you have) but the places are necessary.

Can I do a story of City Folk?

Of course! I named it AC Stories right? Not ACWW Stories. Wild World, City Folk, Gamecube, AC 3DS… Any version of Animal Crossing, you could even do it of a Japan version of the game 😛 . But it’s necessary for it to be of Animal Crossing.

Do you have more questions?

Send an e-mail to me with your question or leave a comment. I will answer you by e-mail or comment and I’ll post the question in this FAQ


2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Aww! Tommy & Timmy adventure! sounds exciting (not to mention,CUTE!)
    it’ll be more great if you have pictures like drawing tommy and timmy in the woods and blah blah blah xD lol

  2. Yeah I actually tried to get pictures of them but they don’t move out the store!!! XD And if I drew them you would wish I haven’t cause… My drawing is HORRIBLE! And that would be an insult to the word horrible 😆

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