I’m baack!

Hello everyone! I’m back from my vacations and I missed sooo much my blog, I couldn’t stop my self from entering my blog the moment I came home.

Anyway my times are still a bit tight but at least I can enter my blog once a day =)

So good to see you again Jemma (on my ACWW game) I missed you!


3 thoughts on “I’m baack!

  1. Jemma,I’m really sorry for today…,I went to the dentist today at 3:00 PM
    and got home at 4:30 PM and opened my gates at 5:00 PM…
    how about next week? and i’m sure i won’t be busy!

  2. OMG no ice cream after the dentist? Well that’s just unfair 😆
    Don’t worry I’ll try to come next week but it has to be a weekend or an evening cause for three weeks I’m going to a summer place.
    PS: I really think no Ice Cream is very UNFAIR!!!
    What do we want? Ice Cream! When do we want it? NOW!!!

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