Coco comes to visit!

Bonjour dear friends!

Today Coco came to my town and… my camera was fixed, so I was able to take some photos.

Here’s how it went:

Welcome Coco! Hmm such a sad welcome…

Soo... I decided to welcomed her with a big smile under my town's flag!!!

We had a nice picnic together, but then we where

soo full we had to go to the closest house to sit down.

Sadly Pate did not have any couches… Or chairs.

When we were feeling better we exchanged presents

and I got new flooring and a nice flower (the one I’m blowing on :D)

And this is what it looked like. (Cool ehh?)

Then I showed her my growing palm tree. (Isn’t he cute? :))

But then it was time to say goodbye 😦 …

Bye bye Coco! Come back another day! 😀


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